When you go to have a work out at the gym or go to a sport shop to buy gym equipment you will come across what they call the smith machine it is good for working the whole body.

Using the smith machine you are safer than when using free weights or a free bar.

The smith machine allows you to power all the way through the full range of motion and allows you to safely let go of the bar at the top where you reach full extension.

It also provides safety catches than you can adjust to different heights along the vertical columns.

You do not have to worry about balance or the weight crashing down on you .

When using the machine make sure the movement does not pull your body out of a safe position. The machine has a  step already.

Warm up first for seven to 10 minutes and have a towel and water for drinking during exercise. You can start with the FRONT SQUAT, targeting quads/front thighs, hamstrings, flutes/bums. Start by standing inside a smith machine with the bar across your front delt and upper chest. Your feet should be just slightly in front of you, toes pointed out slightly and your knees unlocked. Cross your arms to build a shelf for the bar and unhook it from the safety bars. Keep your chest up and abs  /stomach tight, eyes focused forward. With your back flat , bend your knees and hips as if sitting in a chair until your thighs are parallel to the floor squeeze your bums/glutes for a count before beginning the next repetition.

SEATED OVERHEAD PRESS — Targets the shoulder, start by sitting on a low back bench placed inside the machine with your feet flat on the floor and shoulder width apart grasp the bar with a wide , palms forward grib keep your head straight. Rotate the bar to unrack it and hold it at shoulder level. Powerfully press the bar directly overhead squeezing your shoulders at the top. Slowly lower to the start position .  Adjust the seat slightly forward or backward based on your shoulder comfort, you can also move your hands inward or outward along the bar to lessen or increase your triceps or back upper arm involvement.

DRAG CURL — targets the bicep or upper front part of the arm, start by standing inside the smith machine holding the bar in front of your upper thighs, with your chest up, shoulders back. Pull your elbows back as you curl the bar toward your upper abs or lower chest. As the name suggests, actually drag the bar up your torso as high as possible, keeping your elbows behind you not by your sides as during standard curls. Slowly return the bar along the same path.

UPRIGHT ROW — Target all three delt heads. Start standing with your feet shoulder width apart, stand holding a barbell in front of your thighs with a wide grip keep your knees unlocked and your head straight and abs/ stomach tight. Flex your shoulders and pull the bar straight up toward your chin, bringing your elbows high. Keep the bar close to your body during the entire movement. Maintain the natural curve in your spine while keeping your torso erect throughout the exercise. At the top position , your elbows will be high and pointing out to your side . Hold for a count before lowering to the start.

BENT OVER ROW — targets upper lats and back. Stand erect with your feet shoulder width apart , grasp the bar with a wide overhead grip. Rotate and unrack the bar , keeping your knees slightly bent lean forward at your waist until your torso is just above parallel with the floor.

The bar should hang straight down in front of your shins. Lock a slight bend in your lower back so that it does not round. Without raising your upper body , pull the bar into your abdomen , bringing your elbows high and above the level of your back. Hold the bar in the peak contracted position for a count, then slowly lower to full arm extension.

Then you do your cool down and you will be done with your work out.