Guluva 7even 2

The return of Guluva 7even

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KAISEN is back!

After taking a back seat from releasing musical material since 2015, multi-award winning hip-hop wordsmith Guluva 7even is back in the studio with Command Hustle.

The much awaited album will be released in September.

The composition of the 16-track offering is inspired by the hustling and bustling which is a day to day life to many unemployed youths. One of the songs featured in the album Ngena ka1 motivates youths to push the grind on the streets likewise.

a�?I believe there should be a person who has to talk about what is happening on the streets, there are a lot of youths who are currently unemployed and the only thing they can do to survive and put food on the table is to push the grind in the streets.

a�?As one person who is coming from the ghetto, I took it upon myself that I start preaching the word of grinding, thus inspiring the title of my album, Command Hustle,a�? said Guluva 7even.

Even though he did not release music for the past three years, the Daza to Topola hitmaker was active in promoting his previous songs through shows including all the a�?Go Votea�? campaigns which were held across the country.

What took him so long to release the album?

a�?The album comprises some songs produced since 2016. I took long to release the album because I wanted it to sound more mature and make sure I dona��t feed my fans bubblegum music,a�? said Guluva 7even.

Meanwhile, Guluva 7even has dropped a teaser of a musical video Khanda Cool which will also feature on the album.

The video, which will be released before the end of August, is a warm-up for his forthcoming album.