Luke Masomere

The return of ‘Dr Football’

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THREE years ago Luke Masomere was mocked for assembling a so called “killing machine” at now defunct How Mine with an expensively assembled squad that achieved close to nothing in the end.

Devon Chafa, Tawanda Muparati, Limited Chikafa, Charles Sibanda and goalkeeper Munyaradzi Diya — the best in the local football scene in 2015 — How Mine under Masomere was an intimidating outfit on paper.

The script, however, read differently on the pitch with results eluding the “killing machine” until Masomere ultimately lost his job.

Fast forward to 2018 and the man who calls himself the “Doctor of Football” is re-inventing himself.

While still basking in the glory of landing the ticket to play in the Premier Soccer League next year with Manica Diamond, Masomere somewhat remains cautious in his approach to the 2019 season.

Just like the How Mine of three years ago, Manica Diamond are not shy to pull out the cheque book in pursuit of targeted players.

He says he now knows that money doesn’t buy success.

“We didn’t get to where we are now (winning the Zifa Eastern Region championship) by splashing money around but we spent money on the right players and that’s not about to change just because we will be playing in the Premiership,” said Masomere.

The team has already lined up potential acquisitions for next year but Masomere is adamant he will not be going for big names just because the club can afford them.

“We will do things differently this time and only deserving players will be brought to the team. They don’t call me The Doctor of Football for nothing,” quipped the coach.

Manica Diamond are sponsored by one of the country’s largest diamond mining company – Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC).