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The power of a woman in bed: always the last one standing.!

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flowmax. HAPPY belated Womena��s Day! Leta��s celebrate the elegance of womanhood.

It is good to celebrate life and thanks to God that we have overcome that issue of being referred to as the weaker sex as many women have proved that they are equal to their male counterparts and only the sky is the limit.

Yes, still on celebrating Womena��s Month I decided to show the power women have in bed as they are always the last ones standing. There is nothing that beats the feeling one gets after winning a game and being the last one standing.

It is unfortunate that some women have always misinterpreted what happens after the adult game when their man immediately falls asleep. It is not that he has used you, you would have simply defeated him.

Many men fall asleep after making love and it drives many women mad as one will be looking forward to being cuddled and all. All this is because you will be looking forward to getting praises for a job well done after all the groaning of joy you would have heard. Unfortunately after a passionate session, he immediately falls asleep.

We all know one needs some affection after putting so much effort. Some just do a hug and roll routine and after a few minutes he passes out.

The woman is left bored as she will still be energetic!

Sisters, you have to understand that men cannot stay up when you want to cuddle as they fall asleep soon after the game. It is because of the hormones released in the brain during ejaculation, these include adrenaline, nitric oxide, oxytocin and prolactin. The last two hormones make men feel relaxed and sleepy because they increase their levels of melatonin often referred as hormone of darkness as it encourages sleep and rest.

Oxytocin is also known as the cuddle hormone and ita��s released in women too, but instead of getting sleepy, women stay semi- aroused after sex. Mena��s testosterone cancels the effects of oxytocin, meaning they are less likely to want to prolong contact after the big O. The release of physical tension from the body during orgasm also contributes to their urge to asleep.

Knowing that you are the last one standing in the game is exciting and so never get worried when he falls asleep as it is a sign of job well done.

Truth be told, sex is also tiring and women have so much energy compared to men.

When he drifts off to sleep he is paying you a compliment and you should be flattered, you would have worn him out.

It is always good to understand their situation and give them a few minutes to relax. As humble and loving women, it is good that we never boast of our power in bed. So after waking him up, you can give him a glass of water, massage him as the work out could have left him dehydrated.

It is always good to enjoy after play just like couples do with foreplay. After play is a way of a�?a�?cooling offa��a�� and can be used as a warm-up for the next a�?a�?sessiona��a��. I do not understand people who after the game rush to search for their clothes and check on messages on the phone. It is bad. As much as there is foreplay, there is after play which is meant for two people to connect emotionally and sustain the intimacy.

It is important to just lie together while you are still naked and enjoy the sensation of skin to skin contact. You do not even have to talk if you do not want to. Stroke him gently and it could turn out to be foreplay for the next round. Tell him about what you liked, keep your tone sexy and light.

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