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Most women have always been made to believe that they need the company of men to have fun and enjoy, but I have to admit that I was shocked when some sisters narrated of how they go solo and still enjoy.

Masturbation has always been taken to be something done only by men, but recently I discovered that women can also enjoy its benefits.

A party for one is still a party. And this is one party you will actually feel better after attending as you will get to understand your own body in a better way. As it is said, masturbation has some awesome health benefits and feels really good.

To all the sisters who have been bombarding me with questions pertaining to masturbation, this is what I managed to gather and it is high time you get to know that it is a normal, enjoyable and healthy. Just put the taboo subject of women and masturbation to bed!

Going solo is said to have the advantage of making one happy. It is an open secret that pleasure makes people feel good. When one reaches the big O, she releases the endorphins dopamine and oxytocin which can improve your mood and create a natural high.

It is also said masturbating makes you become more comfortable with your body. Your body should be your best friend a�� ita��s one of the only things that will be with you your entire life. And part of becoming besties with your body includes exploring it. It is extremely important that women have an appreciation of their own anatomy and how to self-pleasure.

Masturbation allows you to explore your body and find out what feels best. Knowing your body in this way can make you more confident in bed and more vocal with partners. Once you figure out what you like, you can tell your partner where to touch you. It is sad that some women do not even know their own g-spots so better study your body and lead him during the adult game so that both of you get satisfied.

Therea��s a reason most of us feel so sleepy after those toe-curling climaxes: Orgasms physically and emotionally relieve tension and exhaust the body, which allows you to fall asleep quicker. Generally people do sleep better after masturbating, but very often ita��s from feeling relaxed and satisfied.

If youa��ve chosen to not have sex or are simply going through a dry spell, masturbating is a great way to satisfy your libido. It is a great way to release sexual tension. Masturbating can ease body aches and menstrual pain. If you have a uterine contraction while self-stimulating it can help menstrual blood come out faster . . . theoretically ita��s going to help with cramps. Therefore it is not a bad thing to go solo when you are on periods, especially when it helps you. Go for it.

Anything that makes you feel more relaxed and gets you to turn off the day, whether you do yoga or get a foot massage, ita��s all the same thing. Ita��s not that it has to be sexual but sex and self-stimulation is definitely one of the ways to relieve stress.

Masturbation can be another form of foreplay that can lead you and your man to an unexplored land. Most sisters complain that their men fail to make them climax. Masturbation in such a case can be a solution as it can help prolong the sexual act resulting in reaching the big orgasm.

Masturbation helps your body stay sexual . . . even when youa��re not having sex. a�?If youa��re between partners, therea��s a very strong benefit to keeping things going by self-stimulating a�� not only in terms of keeping the tissues elastic and healthy and increasing blood flow, but just getting your brain going. We know that sex and arousal starts in the brain. The more sex you have, the more sex you want because you think about sex more. If someone hasna��t been sexual for a very long period of time, in most cases, theya��re not even thinking about it.

If youa��re in a relationship, ita��s a great way to mix things up a�� and keep you coming back for more. The more sex you have, the more sex youa��ll want to have. It follows that the more you masturbate and become comfortable being sexual with your own body, the more youa��ll want to be sexual with your partner. Multiple orgasms. Understanding how your body works helps you know exactly how to pleasure it. Once, twice, three times a�� ita��s up to you!

There are no downsides to it. Masturbation has a�?absolutely zero negative effects, nothing bad can happen from doing it a�� you cana��t catch anything, you cana��t get pregnant, youa��re not going to get sick. Ita��s the best thing out there as far as a feel-good vice that isna��t going to have any negative repercussions.

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