The a�?Aa�� in awards stands for anger!

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I am sure it stands for achievement or something. But many times when awards are involved there is just too much anger going around, hence this piece.

Last weekend Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (RoilBAA) announced the nominees for the 2018 edition and as expected with awards across the globe there has been fire and fury especially on social media.

This is by far not synonymous with Bulawayo or Zimbabwe. It happens all over. Last year a young man from here told Nama to go to hell.

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha laid it bare for the South African Music Awards (Sama) with tears in their eyes. Rapper 50 Cent said unprintable words after his Stars Series Power failed to get a Golden Globe nomination in 2016.

The list is endless, Nicki Minaj, Justin Beiber, Nox, Omarion and many others have also had their fair share of rants.

So back to RoilBAA many have had their say. Please note, I am not speaking on behalf of BAA, this is my personal opinion. Though people are entitled to their opinion ita��s sad that many of the rants are not supported by fact but by just preference or lack of it.

I know a creative who has not really done anything in the past year but wants the world to believe he should have paid someone. Put in the hours then complain instead of putting in complaining hours.

There is another who believes they should have made the list because they produced a work of art last year and it should have been nominated.

Asked if they had a problem with who was nominated instead of them, they are short of an answer. Who ever said what you produce within consideration time is worthy must be questioned.

There is also the issue of the Twitter know-it-all brigade. A little research will help comrades, speak from a point of knowledge.

Many of the questioned nominees according to the judges and obviously me are worthy. That I do not work with you does not mean I am not doing anything. Worse off ita��s creative telling others they are not worthy. The awards have capable judges.

A call for nominations and submissions is made each year, many entered and many submitted. Those who you claim deserved to be there, did you nominate them, did they submit material?

It will be folly to say the awards are perfect, in fact they are a work in progress. Criticism is allowed but it should be supported with both fact and maybe suggestion for betterment.

Goes without saying that the awards attract attention and I am tempted to say some of the nay sayers are just seeking the attention that comes with it. But no, who am I to judge?

When all is said and done, the nominees are out there, the voting has started, tickets are now on sale and come 26 May ita��s happening in Bulawayo.

Ita��s the #RoilBAA. Until next week, be safe @nkuenkala 0772214373 cialis generika auf rechnung. abilify cheap price. no prescription strattera coupon codes. .