Thank you Intwasa

EXCUSE my links with Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo (I promise this is not a puff article, but the truth as I see it). This festival by the day is for me proving to be the best thing culturally for Bulawayo and the region, maybe they are right when they say ita��s the second biggest after Hifa.

Popularly known as Intwasa, the gathering celebrates a decade of multi participatory arts with 10 years of reverberating the City of Kings and Queens with the sounds of our music and the stomping of feet.

The festival will this year run under the theme Unforgettable, for me that is one perfect theme as we surely have been part of some unforgettable moments with Intwasa over the past nine episodes.

I am already thinking of the official opening ensemble act which is always colourful, that big stage that turns the City Hall Car Park into a world class venue, the many poets who take turns to spa with their sharp words at the gallery, the amazing talents of the youth who take part in the competitions (be it theatre, music or dance), the workshops that have made many knowledgeable, the sweet sounds of our music(be it Imbube or instruments) and yes the thousands of fans and art enthusiasts that visit the venues and make the festival colourful.

The festival which was created by local artistes and arts administrators with the specific vision of spearheading arts development and marketing Bulawayo as a cultural hub in Zimbabwe, the region and the international stage deserves a thank you from most if not all arts loving people.

Thank you Intwasa for Bulawayoa��s Amazing Talents you brought us three really amazing acts so far, Family Voices now make TV appearances and play the big stages with legends like Oliver Mtukudzi, Explosion dance crew have taken dance to the next level and dance for thousands, Afro Fresh- that fresh Jazz outfit have a chance to be the best in the country (wonder where they are?).Thank you for the platform.

We have seen some amazing acts at Intwasa in the past. Thank you for bringing Jeys Marabini to the people, thank you for showing us Ndolwane super sounds (we only knew their cds), we have sung along to imbube legends Black Umfolosi, Dudu Manhenga, Alexio Kawara, the globe-trotting Mookomba and last year you introduced us to Clement Magwaza.

Thank you Intwasa for those award winning theatre acts that you have brought in to entertain us year after year, Pub Stories and Half Empty Half Full (by Savannah Trust Harare), When Angels Weep and Burn Mukwerekwere Burn (by NKM Theatre Harare), multi international award winning Itsoseng (South Africa), Kasama Theatre (Zambia), Tumbuka (Harare) and Flatfoot Dance (South Africa) who wowed the audiences last year. (Are there any award winning Bulawayo pieces? i wonder)

The festivala��s schools drama competition supported by Plan Zimbabwe has attracted more than sixty High Schools from the following areas, Bulawayo, Matabeleland South, Matabeleland North, Kwekwe, Chipinge and Harare.

Thank you for investing in our kids.

As September nears we cana��t wait, thank you for building that interest, thank you for filling our diaries, we look forward to and expect the best of arts. Please bring in more service providers (food and drinks).Until next week be safe . . . canada generic cialis no percription.