TelOne clueless on modems

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AS the battle for subscriber footprints among network service providers in the country intensifies — all thriving to offer not just the usual but the fastest internet speed in the country, TelOne is seemingly dwindling off the business wagon.

Shortage of Wi-Fi modems from TelOne has left customers stranded, especially when the service provider said it had no knowledge when they would have then in stock.

The company is alleged to be now advising their customers to purchase modems from other service providers, who happen to be their competitors.

“When you go to TelOne they offer to connect Wi-Fi for you but advise you to buy modems from other service providers like ZOL,” said Thamsanqa Lusinga, a dissatisfied customer.

Customers lashed out on TelOne’s Facebook page about poor services offered.

Those in Bulawayo were fuming that they had been disconnected from the web last week for two days.

It is however, supposed that the Wi-Fi disconnection in some areas was due to some of TelOne’s Wi-Fi cables being stolen.

The incident was later confirmed by an employee of the company.

“We have no modems in stock and we do not know when we will have them, also the cause of Wi-Fi disconnection was due to our cables that were stolen,” he said.

The landline operator seems to be trailing. Not having enough or the right equipment to deliver on certain jobs for long irritates customers.

B-Metro caught up with some of TelOne’s customers and some that have left them for greener pastures.

“I applied at Telone for Wi-Fi installation at my house and they encouraged me to go through with the application, as with them I was making the best choice — being connected to the world at all times. Little did I know that no Wi-Fi was ever going to be installed at my house in Cowdray Park — they were just selling dreams to me,” said Mbongeni Ndebele.

According to Ndebele TelOne dropped a bombshell on him — that they could not install Wi-Fi for him yet as they did not have the required equipment to do so in stock, and they had no knowledge when they would.
“They told me they had no Wi-Fi modems. They said I was going to be put on a waiting list with other thousands of Zimbabweans. Waiting is not my style especially when I do not know for how long I will be waiting for,” added Ndebele.
Efforts to get a response from TelOne drew a blank.
“Please kindly note that we are working on your responses and they will be sent to you as soon as they have been approved. Thank you,” the company said in an e-mail a fortnight ago.