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Teenagers in turf war during ZITF

drunk teens 1

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
A misunderstanding over girls resulted in a gang war between eastern suburbs teenagers and those from ekasi (township) just outside the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair last week.

Flat cap boys had to run for cover as the ghetto boys threatened to unleash terror on them.

One teenager from Pumula who spoke to B-Metro said they (ghetto boys) were tired of being looked down upon and losing their girlfriends to the so-called cheese-boys.

a�?By just looking at someone you can tell where he lives. As ghetto boys, we know our dressing style and today we want to prove a point to these low-density boys.

a�?They have always looked down upon us and the real problem is that they snatch our girlfriends,a�? said one teenager from Pumula.

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As such, any youngster who wore a flat cap was stereotypically identified as coming from the suburbs.

a�?Cheese-boys can easily be identified with flat caps because they copy the way their idols, hip-hop stars dress,a�? said one teenager.

But because those caps are not freebies, those clad in them had no choice but to run for cover to save them instead of fighting.

For the past few years, teenagers have exhibited high levels of excitement bringing the City of Kings to a halt interfering with traffic, vandalising property and emptying bins on pavements.

However, this time around rowdiness was kept at minimal levels by the police. Only isolated incidences like the one mentioned went unchecked. buy synthroid mexico.