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Teen attempts suicide over married lover

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SHE claims he meant everything to her and on the day he told her it was over, she gave up on life and had no reason to continue living thus decided to cut her living days short.

The 17-year-old girl was madly in love with a married man and for the past two years he took care of her family including paying her school fees.

When she was still enjoying in the comfort zone, the man, Israel Gwizi, told her that he was no longer enjoying sex with her and was therefore cutting ties with her.

She reportedly begged him for days and camped at his workplace but nothing changed.

The girl then lost hope and drank pesticide in an attempt to commit suicide, but her family saved her as they swiftly took her to hospital where she is admitted.

Speaking to B-Metro, the girl said: a�?I do not know why he dumped me. He has been good to my family as he has been supporting us.

a�?Now that he is leaving me it means the whole family will start suffering again. I have been begging him, but he does not want me anymore.

a�?He told me he has found someone who satisfies him in bed and will only give me money when we sleep together.a�?

The girla��s grandmother said they were still in shock, but will organise for her to go for counselling.

a�?She is young and maybe this was her first relationship so she failed to handle the pressure and thought committing suicide was the solution,a�? said her grandmother.

When Gwizi was contacted for comment, he disputed the reports that he was in love with the girl saying, a�?If you talking about the Trenance girl, she is just crazy.

a�?She used to work for me, but decided to fire her after she told people that we were in a relationship.a�? 1325 sales of levita. kamini sildenafil oral jelly.

  • ChadGom

    It’s sad that the teen was abused and left with scars for life but in all fairness the abuser is likely to continue with his behaviour and cause more harm to other innocent teens unless some deliberate effort is made to reprimand him. Society must ACT.