Teachers dragged to court for assault

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The Lubangwe primary school saga in which villagers are demanding the transfer of the headmaster whom they accuse of satanism took a twist this week when the two female teachers suspected to be at the forefront of his ouster where dragged to court for assault and criminal insult.

Two weeks ago, villagers in Lubangwe area 40km from Hwange besieged Nyongolo Primary School demanding the transfer of the headmaster whom they accused of satanism.

The head, Peter Sabata, is understood to have hidden in his house after an angry mob threatened to assault him prompting him to call the police.

Allegations against the two teachers, Judith Matevere and Bophilo Dube, are that on 12 February this year, Ruvarashe Tavashavira and Phillipina Banda were in Sebataa��s office when the two entered.

For no apparent reason, the duo accused the three of being gossipers before Dube grabbed Banda and slammed her against the wall while Matevere blocked the exit.

Efforts by the head to restrain them proved fruitless as he was met with verbal lashing in full view of schoolchildren who had gathered to witness the commotion.

Sebata reported the matter to his superiors in Hwange and was advised to notify the police.

The duo, who pleaded not guilty to the charges, argued that Sebata and Banda fabricated the story to fix them and that Bandaa��s injuries were not sustained during the a�?slight pusha�?.

a�?Your worship, we did not insult or assault the complainants but this is just a way of trying to fix us. They are dishing out cooked stories in this court. Yes, there is a medical report detailing her injuries but she did not get them during the incident in which she was struck by the door following a slight push,a�? they argued in their defence outline.

The two are set to learn their fate on Wednesday after they were remanded out of custody.