Teacher ‘stabs’ head over witchcraft

Gibson Mhaka
THERE was drama at Madlelenyoni Secondary School in Ntabazinduna, Matabeleland North when teachers and pupils were left scurrying for cover after a knife-wielding female teacher went berserk and attempted to stab the headmistress over witchcraft accusations.

The incident which is still the talk of the school occurred on 3 March at around 4pm.

Drama started when one of the teachers Mthulisi Dzingeni (35) who was reportedly hiding a kitchen knife under her dress stormed the headmistress Jocelyn Moyo (41)’s office.

While in the office she started levelling witchcraft allegations against the headmistress saying she bewitched her child who was not feeling well.

As if that was not enough, Dzingeni threatened to stab her superior saying she wanted to “fix” her for bewitching her child.

Sensing danger, Moyo screamed for help thereby attracting the attention of other teachers and pupils who quickly rushed to her office to see what was happening.

Upon their arrival, Dzingeni pulled out the knife from her dress and charged at the teachers and pupils leading them and they fled in different directions.

Seeing that her workmates and pupils who had rushed to the office had dispersed she closed the door and threatened to attack the headmistress who was reportedly pleading for mercy.

One of the teachers Ben Chatambudza, however, gathered courage and forced the door open and restrained Moyo from stabbing the headmistress.

Dzingeni, in a fit of rage started shouting on top of her voice saying she wanted to kill the headmistress for allegedly bewitching her child.

After the fracas Moyo went and reported the matter at Ntabazinduna Police Post leading to Dzingeni’s arrest.

Drama however, continued at the police post when Dzingeni ran riot picking up two half bricks from a flower bed   and attempted to strike Moyo who was sitting on a bench near the charge office.

For the offence Dzingeni was later brought before Bulawayo magistrate Sheunesu Matova who was sitting at Mbembesi Circuit Court to answer charges of threatening to commit murder as defined in section 186 (1) as read with section 47 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9.23.

She was, convicted on her plea of guilty and was fined $200. In default of payment Dzingeni will be condemned to jail for four months with hard labour.

Prosecutor David Mangwiro appeared for the State.