Tarumbwa In the Woods . . . a�? Kenyan a�?lovera�� keeps baby away from him a�? Wife secretly consulting lawyers

Tarumbwa and wife Patience on their wedding day

Tarumbwa and wife Patience on their wedding day

FOOTBALLERS have always been surrounded by beautiful women but the downside of it leaves a sour taste as in Bantu Rovers striker Obadiah Tarumbwa who might never see a child he allegedly sired with a Kenyan woman while his wife is understood to be close to a breaking point.

Esther Mwaka from Nairobi told B-Metro that she had a child with Tarumbwa when he was playing for Sofapaka in the Kenyan Premier League last year before joining South African side Pretoria University.


Patience Ndiweni Tarumbwa, Kenyan baby mama Esther Mwakwa and Amanda Mbuisa

Having discovered that Tarumbwa was married to a Zimbabwean woman, Patience Ndiweni Tarumbwa, Esther blew a fuse and she now vows that her son will grow up to be a better man without his father.

a�?What I know is that my son will grow up to be somebody in future and I will never want him to be associated with him (father).a�?

However, the player this week denied having a baby in Kenya, although he said he knew the woman, adding that she was just out to tarnish his image.

Nonetheless, Esther says she made attempts to get hold of the footballer after he left Kenya. She said she had fallen in love with him unaware that he was married. But along the way she got a rude awakening.

a�?It will be wise to talk to his wife. She knows of my existence and I have already talked to her,a�? said Esther from Kenya.

Esther did not mince her words in claiming that Tarumbwa was not loyal to one woman.
a�?I will fume as much as I want because I have hisA� baby. Already his dad is sharing his love with ***. I dona��t want support from a male prostitute. This is a hilarious story because of a stupid mana��s mistake,a�? she added.

Sources close to the matter claimed that Esther and Patiencea��s children were born a few days apart.

Lilian Mwaka, sister to Esther said her younger sistera��s mistake was falling in love.
a�?Her only mistake is that she fell in love with someone she didna��t know quite well. Now she is paying a high price.a�?

Tarumbwaa��s wife Patience, with whom they have two children, admitted having problems but said she would rather deal with them in a family set-up.

a�?Our problems are a private matter. I wona�� t comment much. Just go to those who gave you that story and leave me alone,a�? she said.

Patience has at one point been at loggerheads with a Bulawayo woman Amanda Mbuisa, suspected to be a girlfriend of the footballer.

Mbuisa confirmed receiving a warning from the footballera��s wife.
a�?She wanted to beat me up. That woman is something else. She said I should stop my affair with him. It is not like I went after Obah or what. Obah and I understand each other very well,a�? she said.

Word reaching B-Metro is that Tarumbwaa��s wife has been silently consulting lawyers.
a�?She told me that she is tired of suffering in silence. She has been to see lawyers and before we know it something big might be in place,a�? said a close friend of his wife.

The Kenyan baby mama, Esther no longer has affection for the striker. She wishes him many more women in his life.

a�?He can sleep with as many women as he wants. He can **** the whole of Zimbabwe and the world I dona��t care,a�? she added.

Having dodged B-Metro for a while, the Bantu Rovers gunner said:
a�?I dona��t know anything about a a baby with a woman from Kenya but I know the woman you are talking about. I also dona��t know this woman that my wife is said to have threatened.a�?

Could we see a comeback from Tarumbwa similar to that of Tiger Woods after women drama?
Only time will tell. But at his peak he was a striker worth betting on.