Jeys Marabini


Nkululeko Nkala

I know the title may seem like some scandal that happened over the weekend or a script from a movie.

The four are related only through the arts, maybe one or three may have happened on the same day.

Over the past few years the public has successfully managed to coin words like small house and Ben 10 to a point the words are in everyonea��s dictionary.

Last weekend, ND Productions in partnership with National Gallery in Bulawayo under the Theatre for Everyone banner brought a theatre piece titled The Ben 10 levitra 400. to the Gallery.

Theatre for Everyone a�� Bulawayo, is a monthly theatre programme that intends to build up theatre audience attendance while creating a marketable, sustainable and support worthy theatre industry.

This will be done through introducing fresh, original and entertaining theatre plays and activities as from February 2016.

The plays will be showcased every last Friday of the month.

The Ben 10 is a story of a successful business woman in the township who falls in love and gets married to a young man. She assists him to get a good university education, while she herself has a low one.

Suddenly, her business hits a spot of trouble, she is bankrupt and also betrayed by somebody very close to her.

This is a theatrical piece written by Christopher Mlalazi and directed by Memory Kumbota. It has a cast of eight aspiring and upcoming young actors and actresses. To date that is one of the most impressive premiere audiences I have ever seen.

The gallery was packed, there was even the Ministry of Media and Broadcasting Services and BAZ entourage consisting of ministers, perm secs and directors.

Wonder how the media comes into this? For a while now, ita��s only been the same two or three faces covering events.

We all know them. But that day, thanks to that colourful entourage we had enough journalists and even the photographers came through.

Over to other things. The Easter holidays are packed with entertainment. From club life to theatre to Tshisa Nyama.

Ita��s all walks of art. Music, dance and theatre. Addicted will play twice on the 25th and 27th which happens to be

World Theatre Day. The piece which is directed by award winning Memory Kumbota and written by Raisedon Baya and Rudo Mtangandura features an amazing cast of five, among them Nomashawekazi (Lady T) Damasane, Charmaine Mudau and Musa Sibanda.

The play is an imaginative mixture of physical theatre, storytelling and multimedia, telling the story of three women with different addictions but connected to the same man. One is addicted to shoes, the other hair and the last one to skin lightening creams.

On Saturday the 26th, Bulawayo theatre comes to a standstill, when legendary musician Jeys Marabini takes to the stage to launch his new album Thula Sana. I have listened to three songs from the album and ita��s nothing short of amazing. Did I mention my character Khuliyo is also featuring at Jeysa�� show? The struggle continues, we want to fill up venues, we continue with the hash tag #supportlocal. Next week, Umkhathi Theatre and Nkwali are also at the theatre doing what they know best. Until next week, be safea��.