Talk of blowing your own world apart

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EVERYONE has a secret.

Some women have tried to be good a�?a�?girlsa��a�� and told their partners or people close to them some secrets which ended up destroying them. They had hoped for the best, but it turned out the other way round.

I always hear people talking of confessions, but really is it necessary or you can take that secret to the grave and it will be for the best. Considering what I have seen happening to other people after making confessions, I will stick to confess what, confess my foot!

In the name of opening a new page in life, some people end up messing their lives by opening a Pandoraa��s box. My position in this issue is dealing with yourself and correcting your past mistakes.

Some people just get over-excited and tell their partners about their dirty past. Most of them would have repented or changed, but after revealing whatsoever in good faith, they realise that the person whom they would have entrusted with information, starts judging them using their past.

Always remember that the past is gone and your challenge is the future, so why worry about the past. Sisters, it depends on whether we are talking about the little lies of everyday life or the big, serious lies. Always remember that honesty is the best policy!

A serious lie is when people lie about something big a�� such as an affair or about some other terrible thing they did, or just about anything else they consider serious. They are more likely to tell those lies to the people they care about the most. Our spouses and other people we feel closest to are the ones who have the highest expectations for us. That means it is especially hard to tell them that you have fallen so short of those expectations.

The truth is that we might value honesty and want to be honest, but sometimes have to value other qualities at the same time, such as compassion or loyalty. Occasionally, these two noble goals come into conflict. You realise that if you tell the truth, you will be unkind, and if you say something kind, it will be a lie. At times when people lie to the ones they love, it is because they are valuing something else more than honesty. Maybe they are trying to be loyal or to avoid hurting the other persona��s feelings. Maybe they think that the other person isna��t in a good enough place, emotionally or to hear a painful truth.

Liars more often claim to tell lies so as to spare the other person from pain. Sometimes they really mean it. But they can also be using that as an excuse to get over their guilty conscience. We walk across the streets, see people holding hands, see marriages that have lasted like forever and we assume that when two people manage to stay in a relationship for so long then it has complete honesty and transparency between them. Not true. Most couples who have managed to stay in a relationship for long are committed because they have not shared everything with their partner. In most cases it is a good idea to tell your partner what they want to hear. Fear always lingers in a relationship that if you tell everything, you might end up losing the person who means the world to you. After all, these relationships are as delicate as a petal and can break with even the slightest breeze of mistrust.

The question that I always ask is, do we need to know everything? When we hear that our partner has done something awful, broken our trust or cheated, how would we react? Are we capable of total and complete forgiveness if our partner did something terribly bad, but still had the courage to tell the truth? If you for example, ran into your old school lover and kissed him, not because you love him or you dona��t love your spouse, but just for old timea��s sake, is there any point in telling your partner, if there is no way for him to find it out? Is there any reason to bring up things that are in the past or forgotten and risk everything?

Some people would prefer to be honest,A� especially women. But is it worth it to lose the love of your life over a stupid kiss that didna��t even mean anything? Moreover, kissing your ex, is it even cheating if it was a momentary thing without any feelings attached? Some things are best forgotten and withholding information from your partner in such cases would be the best solution. In a relationship at times, lying becomes a necessary evil. Ia��m not saying that you should lie always, but you should know when lying is ok and when ita��s not.

But is it true that people lie just to avoid the hurt they would cause their partner? Not really. In any relationship, people often lie to please themselves. It is very common for men to say, a�?I lied because I knew it was the best thing for you, I just wanted to save you from the pain of the bitter trutha�?. Usually we lie not because we think good or bad about our partner, we just lie to avoid punishments, sorrows and to please ourselves. We lie to embellish our own credentials in order to make us feel better.

We always assume by default that people are saying the truth because we usually are not prepared to hear the truth. As long as we hear what we want to hear, we accept it, true or not. Truth sometimes has the capacity to be cruel and blow your world apart. Without these pretty white lies, we would all be sitting in the dark with the curtains drawn. Do not make confessions that will complicate your life!

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  • God of War

    The writer of this article has the morals of an alley cat. This is the worst nonsense i’ve read this year. This is what you get when a woman of loose morals becomes a tabloid journalist.