Synthetic drugs are equally dangerous

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a�?a�?SYNTHETIC daggaa��a�� is really nothing like dagga it is a mixture of herbs and spices that are sprayed with unknown and harmful chemicals intended to simulate THC the active mind a�� altering ingredient found in dagga.

Synthetic drugs such as Spice and K2 are often advertised as a�?safea�?, a�?naturala�? and a�?legala�? highs. The truth is they are technically not legal safe and are definitely not natural.

These synthetic drugs are known by these street names, k2, fake weed, black mamba, space diamond, spicy xxx, Mr happy or Mr Smiley and many others.

The short-term effects of these synthetic drugs mainly spice on the mind are unresponsive, loss of consciousness, confusion, altered time sense, panic attacks, severe paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, psychosis, potential suicide and some users under the influence have committed homicide cases.

The short-term effects on the body include nausea and vomiting, heavy sweating, uncontrolled body movement, acute kidney damage, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, reduced blood supply to the heart, heart attack, convulsions, seizures and stroke.

The long-term effect of the spice synthetic drugs on humans is not yet fully known, but the poison centre experts report that the effects of synthetic drugs like spice or k2 can be life threatening .

It can be addictive and lead to withdrawal symptoms which include the following, cravings, nightmares, heavy sweating, nausea, tremors, headaches, extreme tidiness, insomnia, diarrhoea, vomiting problems thinking clearly and neglect of other responsibilities. Repeated use and long term exposure to the drug, users experience forgetfulness and confusion. Some have reported experiencing paralysis being unable to move their limps or any part of the body. Some have had psychotic breaks and committed homicide crimes as they black out from use of these substances.

a�?a�?Spicea��a�� first appeared in Europe in 2004 and in the USA in 2008. However, the chemicals used to create this drug had been created for experimental purposes decades ago, these include CP47.497named after Charles Pfizer of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals developed in the 1980s for research.

HU-210 named after Hebrew university of Jerusalem where it was first developed in 1988. It is 100 -800 times more potent than natural THC the mind altering substance in dagga.

Since then underground chemist have continued to develop more experimental drugs like UR-144 and XLR11 that mimic the effects of dagga. In 2013 after much observation of their effects their use was made illegal.

There are more than a hundred different varieties of these types of synthetic drugs that have been created so far and as such buyers and users are not in the light of what they are using exposing themselves to greater life and health risks.

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