Helping students choose the right career

Ordinary and Advanced Level results are out, with this in mind some are contemplating the next move as some passed while others failed. Your decision will be of importance as it will help in aligning you to your career. Dr Myles Monroe once said do not make a decision based on your emotions but follow your passion. In line with you career it must be noted that one has to choose a career basing on his/her passion and potential. here are points that will help you make the right choice:

You have to network
Get involved in events in and outside school. This will help you to interact with other students and share information that might help you realise your dream. What I have learnt in life is that your network improves your net worth. You never know, maybe your success is hinged on such activity
as sport and public speaking. one might ask how does public speaking help one in career path. public speaking helps in moulding your eloquence, articulation and builds your confidence.

Widen your choice
Using on line resources is a great way to explore your options. The internet offer a wide choice as far courses are concerned. There are some sites that offer a myriad of courses where one can choose from unlike relying on a limited range of courses. I am saying this because there some of us who are
not exposed but could find a better course if they research widely. Lack of exposure limits one and one ends up choosing the wrong career that he/she might not be good at.

Be realistic
This calls on one to be realistic. You have to know your strengths and weaknesses because failure to do so will lead you to choose a career that you are not good at. lt is boring to engage in a career that you are not good at but embarked on it due to peer pressure or the fact that it pays well. For example if you are not good in Mathematics ita��s wiser that you choose a career that does not have Maths.

With this in mind one has to engage in soul searching and find it in his heart that he/she really loves the career as failure to do so will plunge one into dire regret. There are some of us who choose a career due to influence from friends, family or fame attached to the career, but at the end find that they do not like the course. First of all before you choose a career ask yourself these questions: What motivates me to choose this career? What do I want to achieve? ls it emanating from me or ita��s an influence from friends or parents? Then ask yourself why you want to choose it? Your future lies in the choice that you make pertaining to your career. shelf life of generac viagra.