Summer is time to rekindle your love

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
ITa��S summer time and love should be in the air for all couples. Most couples during summer want to go out with friends and in such environments never get enough time to bring back the spark to their relationships.

I guess to begin with, despite the busy schedule just make time for each other and spend a day together having real adult fun. Just go for an all-day marathon!

a�?Marathon sessiona�? must be on your sexual bucket list. You just need to create a big chunk of free time away from the crazy world. If possible, switch off your phones so you dona��t get disturbed. I know some sisters out there are already complaining saying the whole day is too much as they fear to be left nursing bruises in the cookie-jar. It is possible and it will leave you closer than before.

An all-day marathon requires couples to take breaks for refuelling. At the end of day, you will be shocked how time flies. There is one thing usually taken for granted by most couples a�� cuddling. Few couples, if any have got time for such. So on marathon day, you can cuddle and enjoy feeling each othera��s heartbeat, women I know how much you love those arms. This is very important and definitely makes each one of you feel loved and important.

Obviously after cuddling, nature will lead you to the next level and what will be needed thereafter is showering together since temperatures are high. Many couples get into a routine and forget that the little things can be the most fun. Taking a long shower together will not only reignite those sparks, but ita��s also a great excuse to find yourself doing a once-off thing which is having it while bathing.

Most people are always up and about trying to make ends meet so this is the special day to give each other a massage.

This is incredibly relaxing. You will feel refreshed and enjoy playing the adult game thereafter. This is an exclusive day more of honeymoon where you do not turn your bedroom into a courtroom as you will be after spoiling each other.

There are different sex positions to consider on marathon day that are also heat-friendly. It is a crazy day where you do not just go for mission style and fall asleep. Positions to consider are soul gazer squeeze, spoon intervals and come at home. Marathons are all about the slow burn a�� switching it up and finding positions that are stimulating, but not too stimulating. Soul gazer squeeze, is that position you do when seated and facing each other. The usual problem with seated positions is that they are hard to get much thrusting happening, which is a good thing when you are marathoning. You can grind gently, or if you are feeling like getting a Soul Connection thing happening, stare into each othersa�� eye and dona��t move a��just squeeze.

A spoon interval is that one when you both face the same direction. Fall asleep in spoon position with him still hard inside you and his hand cupping you. He will eventually go soft and slip out, you will shift positions and such reach over and give each other a few slow strokes or share a lazy thrust or two. Dona��t get too close to orgasm, you have to keep it at a slow simmer, you can spend hours just enjoying as you change positions facing up or sideways.

a�?Come at homea�? is a sexy game. It is all about making each other come as many times as possible. Find out! Gather an array of toys, lie back and let your partner bind your arms and feet so youa��re in an X-shape. They attend to you either orally or with the real tool. You can go for foreplay with one person being in charge for a certain period. This game makes you realise that with the adult game both of you must enjoy, not just a take off your dress and penetration thing.

If you are feeling more than full-on marathon, tweak missionary by having him push his manhood straight down so the top side is rubbing along your vulva instead of penetrating. It amps up the stimulation for you, but is much less stimulating for him so he can last a beautifully long time. All lovers deserve a marathon day just to have fun and rekindle!

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