stunner and david backum

Stunner inspired by Beckham

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HE has seen it all in the local hip-hop scene, been a role model to many young artistes and at the same time he has experienced the ups and downs, yet Desmond Chideme also known as Stunner believes his touch has been elegant.

At 38 the rapper said he is now all about a�?growna�? mena��s stuff.

a�?Time is moving and one has to accept that they are growing up and do things that suit their particular age, you cana��t be doing young boysa�� stuff while you view yourself as a gentleman, you have to meet the standard,a�? said Stunner.

On his Twitter page he posted a photo-mixed picture featuring himself and legendary former Real Madrid and England captain David Beckham wearing the same designed black and grey three-piece suit with captioned a�?My role modela�? (referring to Beckham).

The picture garnered over 300 comments and 800 likes with some of Stunnera��s fans saying he wore the suit better than the famous legendary footballer, just like one fan Takudzwa Nyakabau who re-tweeted, a�?Thata��s the level Stunner, no doubt you look smarter than Beckham.a�?

From the horsea��s mouth, Stunner reveals that he didna��t post the picture to prove a point but he posted it because he is inspired by the lifestyle Beckham is living and the respect he gives to his family.

a�?I have always been a David Beckham fan since he was with Manchester United, he has turned to be my role model because he is an ambitious businessman who pushes the hustle just like myself.

a�?He also respects his family by doing good in his public and private life, things that I also intend to follow in my career, I am now grown up, therefore, I have to do what people my age do and invest for the future so that I dona��t die poor and also be respected in the community,a�? said Stunner.

Meanwhile, he released a new single titled Whiskey nemaGodo, which is a warm up song for his upcoming album to be released at a yet to be announced date. amoxicillin vs doxycycline. noscript meds canada.