Terence Kaseke
After a successful launch of street cricket in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe Cricket has confirmed that it has put in more structures to help nurture the talent that would have been identified in the process.

Media and communications manager Lovemore Banda revealed that the concept was a Midwest Rhinos initiative.

a�?The street cricket project was launched in Kwekwe as an initiative of the Midwest Rhinos franchise to grow interest in the game in the two provinces that the franchise covers, Midlands and Mashonaland West. As ZC we support the initiatives of our affiliates to develop and grow the game of cricketa�?. said Banda

Banda said structures had been put in place to help develop young talent and help with transition from street cricket to a more professional structure.

a�?Structures are there already for the players in the street cricket programme to play in a more organised and professional set up. We have coaches in different schools and areas and these coaches are also involved in street cricket, so the coach helps with identifying talent on the street and then invites the talented players to formal and more organised programmes. Most of the children are taken to play hard ball cricket at Mbizo Cricket Centre, under the watchful eye of franchise coaches,a�? said Banda.

Midwest area manager Admire Marodza said the initiative is still based in Midlands and Mashonaland West, it is not yet national.

a�?If we want to increase our player base this is the way to go. We are going to sell the initiative to other franchises and, with time, host a street cricket tournament for all the franchises.a�?

Midwest Rhinos administrator Kenyon Ziehl added that they would like the concept to be national and they were working on logistics to secure funding.

a�?We would ultimately like the concept to cover the whole country, depending on sponsors, and currently are working on logistics and presentations to secure the necessary funds,a�? said Ziehl. herpes acyclovir tablets order.