love your body

Stop body shaming!

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Your reflection is already your worst enemy, so why should someone else, a woman for that matter be the one who uses your body shape or size against you?

Most women will understand the feeling of not being enough or wishing you were built in a certain manner very well because they go through these emotions on a daily basis.

a�?What if I had more curves or what if I was skinny?a�? these are the insecurities we have and no matter how small they can affect the manner in which we socialise with other people.

I have realised that women use body shapes and sizes to hurt each other.

The society we live in is already judgmental, and with the heavy presence of cat callers why do we as women continue to harass each other because of the differences in body sizes and shapes.

We often hear the terms obesity, anorexia or bulimia but never understand the main reasons behind these conditions, but they result from making people insecure about their body shape or size.

If you have ever heard nasty comments being said to you and survived them dona��t ever think that everyone has a thick skin like you or that if you insult them they will survive the pain.

Bear in mind that body shaming can lead to depression and in future cause any one of the conditions stated above.

As women we have come far in terms of rights, breaking society barriers but we still find it easy to attack each other or pull each other down instead of building each other.

How many women are unhappy with their bodies today and how many of us are making other women feel bad about their bodies. A kind word towards another woman wona��t kill you. Instead of attacking or teasing simply advise and urge a woman to be strong in order to survive the pain of being uncomfortable with their weight.

I realised that even though women do not usually physically bully each other as much as men, the passive-aggressive verbal confrontations we have are damning.

Sadly, your own reflection in the mirror might not scare you but a comment coming from another woman might push you over the edge. My male friends usually say women are malicious and somehow our attitudes towards each other make me realise that their analysis is true.

I know some women may beg to differ but if you pay close attention to how we address or look at each other you will notice that this analysis is true to some extent.

I dona��t know how you feel about this article but women should move past these stereotypes and learn to appreciate and support each other

We have already dealt with yellow and dark skinned women trying to prove which camp is prettier but as a woman you should know that your body shape and complexion does not define you or your capabilities so why should you bend to the will of others just to fit in?

Fake hips and butts will enhance your figure but they are definitely not a permanent solution. Learn to love yourself regardless of your flaws, you are sexy and no one has the right to make you feel otherwise.

As we address certain social issues, this is a better time for women to support and uplift each other.

No man will fully respect women when we fail to respect each other. Let us learn to treat each other with respect, if you dona��t like how someone looks then keep it to yourself. Do not drag someonea��s self-esteem down with yours.

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  • God of War

    Fat people should eat less or exercise because its for the good of their health. There is no body shaming in telling an obese person to lose weight.