‘Stolen pleasure’ to cost more as hookers hike mobile cash rates

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FROM afar prostitution is a simple profession, mini skirt, high heels and seductive looks is all it takes. Well, no really because economics is also key.

No wonder why the a�?luxurya�? of buying sexual services isA� fast becoming expensive. Ladies of the night now charge clients using plastic money extra in a bid to offset the man made free-fall of the bond notes.

The bond notes have lost more than 40 percent value against the dollar on the streets since its introduction at the end of last year, hence the decision by thigh vendors to put a mark up on their services.

Ecocash transactions are the most preferred method of payment where clients are now forced to pay $7.50 for short-time sex session instead of $5 and $15 for those charging $10.

The price for a�?short-timea�? sex sessions range between $5 and $10.

a�?For sometime we have tried to keep prices as they wereA� to our clients paying us using Ecocash but lifea��s getting more expensive so we cana��t work at a loss. Our Ecocash prices are in tandem with rate hikes pegged by osiphatheleneni (Illegal money changers)a�?, said a sex worker, who identified herself as Maggie.

She said the increase in prices to clients using plastic money was also a noble idea as they were sourcing foreign currency from the black market where they are charged a�?steep premiumsa�?.

Another commercial sex worker who identified herself as Lisa said if they dona��t constantly review their charges they would run at a loss.

a�?Men are willing to acquire my services, but the major drawback is that there is no hard cash. Most of the clients have plastic money and as I have to get through the most convenient way I also make sure that I benefit,a�? she said.

The move has also pushed some brothels to increase their hourly rates.

One brothel worker said: a�?The girls cana��t work at a loss. There are a lot of external pressures on both prostitutes and their clients,a�? said the worker who requested anonymity for professional reasons.