Stingy beer buddy receives thorough hiding

Michael Magoronga
A beer drinking spree by three imbibers ended on a bad note when the refusal by one of them to buy a round resulted in him receiving a thorough hiding from his colleagues.
Thirty-two-year-old Chengetai Mapfumo and his colleague Tawanda Manyangariwa (31) both of Hertfordshire in Gweru could not take kindly the fact that Ranganai Sakume was refusing to buy beer and assaulted him.

It is alleged that on 12 August, around 8pm, at Chief Tuckshop along the Harare-Bulawayo highway in Gweru, the three who are professional bricklayers were downing the wise waters together after they had been paid by one of their clients.

As is the norm with most imbibers, the trio agreed to buy a round of the wise waters routinely.

It is understood that Tafuma bought his round first before Mapfumo also did the same.

Things got nasty, however, when Sakume failed to play his part.

This did not go down well with the two who felt cheated by Sakume before resorting to manhandling him after ascertaining that he was not going to change his mind.

Mapfumo is alleged to have head-butted Sakume once on the nose, before being restrained by other imbibers from doing further damage.

Manyangarirwa went on to hit the a�?beer poachera�? with an empty crate in the head, before he lost consciousness.

The two were arrested and appeared before Gweru magistrate Florence Nago facing assault charges.

They duo were sentenced to 12 months in prison with six months suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

The remaining six months were suspended on condition that the duo performs 210 hours of community service at Regina Mundi High School. aspvor antorvastatin 10 mg medicine.