Stiff waist turn off!

Nhlalwenhle Nucbe

As much as I have heard gents talking about ladiesa�� fitness it has never occurred to me what they meant.

A number of times I guess you have heard them say a�?Ucherry lowana ufita�? (that lady is fit).

I recently discovered that some women fail to perform because of soft waists.

In some African cultures when elderly women were teaching young ladies about the bedroom game, it is said that they would put thorns in that gap which lies between a man and a woman during the bedroom game in order to encourage activeness.

You can be clean, have a tightened cookie-jar, but if the waist is not up to standard, believe me, you will not be able to enjoy the forbidden fruit.

Fitness absolutely affects the physical intensity and quality of sex!

If you check with our mothers and grandmothers, they made sure that they maintained not only the cookie-jar by tightening it and elongating the vaginal lips, but for them to be able to perform in the game they drank some herbs which assisted them to be strong. During the adult game, the waist plays the biggest role!

We have always heard of women who just lie down as if they are logs and the truth is they know what is expected of them, but their a�?weaka�� waists fail them. Just imagine a woman who is a log in bed and she expects to enjoy. No, if you are not moving to have it hit all the angles then you are off side.

Many women overlook the issue of waist and concentrate on being attractive by having beautiful faces. At the end of the day despite being the gorgeous one, you will be hurt to discover that your man is having an extra marital affair with someone else and wonder what he is looking for. Bear in mind, that he wants that woman who also performs in the game. Anyway by saying this, I am not trying to justify the mena��s behaviour of being a�?dogsa�� but just giving an example.

As I have always said, play your part very well as a woman so that whatever happens in the relationship, you will not live with regrets as you will be sure that you had done everything well, but the man being a man chose to be something else.

Sisters, better have strong waists!

The benefits of having a strong waist is that you will not rely on him to satisfy you because that means if he gets tired after 15 minutes, that marks the end of the game as you will not be able to be in control of the game with your weak waist. One other thing you have to take note of is that few men will ask which position you want if they are in charge of the game and they will do those that satisfy them maybe leaving your favourite one.

If you have your strong waist then that means you can always go for your favourite position and perform to your best satisfying your sexual needs. Do not ever have sexual intercourse just to please your partner, but bear in mind that you are involved in the game to enjoy as well.

You need a flexible waist so that you can be able to try out new sex positions. If you are not, you can not strain yourself to do things when you are exploring and becoming more adventurous in bed improving your bedroom life.

A woman who is not adventurous or energetic during sex can be a bore or turn-off.

There are some intriguing positions which I believe are hot but need a strong woman particularly the dancer, the ballerina, ben dover and prison guard. These positions require the woman to curl up more and they give women more enjoyable angles. Even doggy style if the woman arches her back and hips more can be more enjoyable!

Many women complain of not being able to reach the big O and being unactive in bed can be one of the things contributing to that. As a woman, you have all the equipment required to produce sexual pleasure, just know how to move during the game and enjoy. Of course, for a woman to reach the big O, besides making the right movement, she also needs stimulation of the G-spot and erogenous zones.

Women must learn to set the stage and stop the habit of using a�?too tireda�? as an excuse for not having sex as it has become a common clichA�. Most women complain of being too tired because their waists are painful and that kills their sexual life.

Sisters, learn to do exercises to strengthen your waists and the other good thing is that nowadays it does not need one to go to rural areas to get those herbs which also do wonders as they are available in traditional herbs pharmacies in the CBD. Work on having a strong waist and enjoy the benefits. A weak woman is a turn-off!

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