sad child

Stepmum, hubby starve ‘one-night stand’ baby

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
A Mwenezi couple has been arrested for physically abusing and starving a two-year-old girl who was a result of the man’s one-night stand with a stranger.

Tyson Njanji (34) and his wife Lucia Chekenyere (20) reportedly connived to assault the child all over the body with an unknown sharp object before starving her.

The couple who were in the habit of not giving the child food were arrested after a child care employee discovered that she was malnourished.

When she was investigating the child’s malnutrition case, she later discovered that the girl had bruises all over the body a sign  that she was being physically abused.

Njanji and Chekenyere were hauled before Mwenezi magistrate Honest Musiyiwa facing charges of ill-treating a young person.

The court heard that Njanji who used to work at Triangle had a one-night stand in 2013 with a woman only identified as Rudo.

After a year, the woman managed to track him down and dumped the child at his place before disappearing.

The man was left with no choice, but to take the child to his matrimonial home at Village 5 in Mwenezi.

On a date unknown, but sometime in 2015, the couple assaulted the two-year-old girl with an unknown sharp object all over the body, leaving her with bruises.

As if that was not enough punishment for the innocent child, they starved her resulting in her suffering from malnutrition.

Fortunately, the child was saved by a child care employee who visited the area in November and discovered that she had signs of malnutrition.

During her investigations, she then realised the bruises all over her body showing that she was being physically abused.

She swiftly reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of the couple.

The child was taken to Mwenezi hospital where she was further referred to Neshuro hospital where she was treated and discharged.

The child was then taken to Lichanzo Children’s Village.

Njanji and Chekenyere were convicted on their own plea of guilty and sentenced to 20 days imprisonment or $60 fine. In addition, an eight-month  prison sentence was wholly suspended on condition of five years of good behaviour.