You will need a towel, the step for aerobics or box, water for drinking during exercise. For your warm up you can do for seven minutes and then the stretches.

Stretching reduces the chance of injury, age shortens and stiffens our tendons and ligaments. The result of not stretching is limited range of motion, bad posture and painful movements. Stretching can reverse these effects of aging, exercise also shortens range of motion. When a muscle is exercised it becomes shortened and tight over a period of time as the muscle gains strength it stays in this tight and contracted form reducing range of motion.

Cold muscles should never be stretched, always warm up the muscle before stretching. Warm muscles and connective tissues are more pliable than cold ones. Stretching reduces the potential for injury. By warming up and lengthening the muscles and connective tissue, stretching after exercise reverses the tightening and shortening effect of exercise on the muscles and connective tissues. Stretching and strength increase together because when the muscle is lengthened it has a longer stroke to full contraction, thereby generating more work. It can also reduce tension.

Before you do the step aerobic class it is important that you do the warmup and the stretches and the size should be low and 10 inches in height. Keep within 12 inches of step when coming to floor. Continue breathing, never hold breath, knees should be soft, not locked to reduce back pain.

For today I will give you a few basic aerobic stepS that you can do even by your self without an instructor. First the type of warmup you can do begins with wide stance deep breathes to oxygenate the blood. March in place, side step, include wide stance toe tapping with reach out and up. Reach across the centreline of the body. Transition from reaching across to reaching across to reach up each side.

After you are done with warmup and stretches you can start with the step. When stepping step up with whole foot flat on the board, step off board to floor with toe to heel, slightly lean forward at the waist and heels stay off the floor during lunges, avoid moves that require stepping forward off the board. The speed of the music must not be fast it has to be 118 to 122 beats per minute. BASIC RIGHT,start position centered in front of the box or step , step up on the step with the right foot first then the left foot. Then step down with the right foot then left you can replete this move 8 times.

V – STEP, you can start centered in front of the step like the basic step but wide on the bench. Step on the step as wide as possible with your right foot first then the left, step with right foot back down then the left. Feet together on the floor and spread apart while on the step.

A – STEP, start in front of the step but off to one side, step up with your right foot then the left next to the right foot on the step. Step down with right foot then left foot, start and end with feet together on opposite ends of the bench.

TURN STEP,you can start in front of step but off to one side, step up on step with the right foot then step up on the step with the left while turning to the right side. Step off step with the right foot , turn to the right slightly. Bring the other foot down to the floor next to your right. And do the same with the left side. You can do this work out for 25 minutes repeating the moves starting from the first step to the last until your time is up, then you do your cool and stretch then you will be done with the workout.