DJ  Stavo

Stavo demands local love

Keith Mlauzi

WHERE’s the love?

That seems to be renowned disc jockey and music producer DJ Stavo’s question to local radio stations because they don’t support his art.

He took his bitterness against the inaugural Star FM Music Awards for not inviting him to the awards ceremony.

Stavo told B-Metro that for the past three or four years his music hasn’t been making much rounds locally.

“It’s not a new thing my music is not really much appreciated here. For the past three to four years my music has not been making much rounds on local radio stations,” said DJ Stavo.

The DJ says the remedy to his situation is when he pushes himself without really depending on local radio stations.

“The only way I can make it big out there is if I push myself, I will be launching my music on social media and internationally, only through that will I make a great name for myself,” he said.

He said his targeted audience doesn’t really listen to radio that much and they know where to get his music.

“Most of my fans do not really depend on radio stations to get my music; they know all the digital platforms I use to launch my music,” he added.

Explaining his Star FM twitter attack, Stavo said he was demoralised by the level of unprofessionalism displayed and this clearly indicated he was not respected.

“I could not keep quiet because that showed me that I was not respected in Zimbabwe so I will just launch my music where I am respected,” said Stavo.

According to Star FM charts the DJ has not produced much of good music and has not been one of the top artistes.

“In the past year he has been on the top 20 for two months only but has never hit the number one spot,” said a DJ from Star FM.

Another radio station has confirmed that the DJ has not had a glimpse of the top charts.

“It’s been a while since his music has been on the top of our charts,” said Danis Dube, station manager of ZiFM Stereo.

All his social media rants about not being invited to the Star FM Music Awards seems to have been a perfect publicity stunt for the artiste as he trended on Twitter until he dropped his single track Bad News featuring Gemma Griffiths.