Purpose Mberikwazvo

Stab in the name of love

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A Harare-based nurse on attachment at Ingutsheni Central Hospital in Bulawayo ran berserk and allegedly stabbed her married lover who is also a nurse with a kitchen knife on the chest after he had allegedly sent an a�?insultinga�? message to her other lover.

During the frenzied knife attack, Purpose Mberikwazvo (ABOVE) reportedly claimed that her intention was to kill her lover Desire Masango who is also a registered nurse at Chinhoyi Hospital and also attached at the same mental health institution.

This emerged at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Mberikwazvo was seeking a protection order against Masango claiming he was verbally, emotionally and physically abusing her. She said Masango had been beating her since October last year while calling her a prostitute.

a�?I am the applicant in this matter and I stay at Ingutsheni Central Hospital together with my boyfriend Desire Masango. Masango has been beating me up since October 2015. He was once arrested and was made to pay an admission of guilt fine.

a�?After his arrest he briefly stopped his abuse against me. He went on to harass my friends and fellow workers threatening them that he does not want to see them with me. He is also in the habit of insulting me in public calling me a prostitute. I want this court to protect me from his violent behaviour,a�? she said.

In response Masango said Mberikwazvo was the one who was conducting herself in a violent manner.

a�?She is the one who is conducting herself in a violent manner. On 17 December last year she stabbed me with a kitchen knife on the chest. She confessed at Donnington Police Station that her intention when she stabbed me was to kill me.

a�?The argument started when I was in Chinhoyi where I had visited my wife. Upon my return she started accusing me of sending messages to another man who she is also having an affair with. After stabbing me she bolted out of the house and went to Donnington Police Station to file false assault charges against me.

a�?I am not against her application for a protection order but the only problem I will have with the order is that how am I going to keep away from her since we are both students at Ingutsheni Central Hospital doing a post basic diploma in mental health,a�? he said.

When asked by the presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova to respond to Masangoa��s claims, she unperturbedly said her violent action was in self defence.

a�?Everything he said is true. When I stabbed him it was during a fight and I was defending myself. I just picked up the nearest object which was the knife which I then used to stab him on the chest,a�? she said.

The magistrate in his ruling granted a binding order which compels both parties not to disturb each othera��s peace in any way.

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