Split was a blessing in disguise: Ndolwane leader

Sibhekisipho Fayayo
Former Ndolwane Super Sounds frontman Martin Sibanda has the groupa��s split to thank for his seemingly growing career.Sibanda and Charles Ndebele unceremoniously parted ways in 2011, splitting the Ndolwane Super Sounds group into two factions, Ndolwane Super Sounds Amangwe Part 1, led by Ndebele while Sibanda kept the original name Ndolwane Super Sounds.

Sibanda, who spoke after a Savanna Tobacco sponsored performance at the Sizinda South Beer Garden last weekend believes the split made him discover himself, realise his capabilities and potential.

a�?Change is good, the split made me realise myself and I now know my capabilities a�� a phenomenon which was lacking before the split.

a�?While we were still the old Ndolwane I was too dependent on my colleagues as it was a group thing but now I write my own lyrics, give it my tune and when I engage a guitarist I know exactly what I want from the person,a�? said Sibanda.

Sibanda also revealed the problems which bedevilled the old Ndolwane and how that inhibited progress eventually leading to the split.

a�?While in South Africa we couldna��t hold live shows as we stayed far apart from each other hence time for rehearsal was inadequate, as a result we depended on album sales for income. However, now, as a solo artiste, Ia��m concentrating on doing live shows with sales from CDs as my bonus,a�? he said.

Sibanda and Ndebele have so far released an album each. how much is dilantin without insurance.