Soul Jah Love

Soul Jah Love: a one-hit wonder?

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THE name Soul Jah Love appears and disappears from time to time in the Zim Dancehall scene.

In a very calculative manner he appears with only one hit which can sustain him for the whole year which leads to one asking if he is a one-hit wonder or not.

After they decided to destroy their childhood dancehall movement which comprised him, Kinna and Seh Kalaz, Jah Love led the command as he proved to be the talented chanter among his friends becoming the first to release the top hit Ndini Uya Uya in 2012 which rocked air waves and even earned him several recognisable awards.

His success bred a virus of hate and jealous in his once friend Seh Kalaz who decided to diss Jah Love live on ZiFM Stereo in 2014.
Kalaza��s wrong move exposed him as he trapped himself into a pit were Soul Jah Love had more strength, dissing artistes like ita��s no onea��s business.

That on its own gave Zim Dancehall fans to witness more of Jah Luv releasing songs from time to time as the beef he had with Kalaz forced him to release reply songs more often.

The beef saw Jah Love releasing diss reply hits like Magetsi and Ndakamukwapaidza which won hearts of most of the ghetto youths, leading to Jah Lovea��s coronation as the Dancehall King (unofficial).

After they decided to squash their beef at a Dancehall Gala held in Mbare, Jah Love retired to his old style of release only one song after some time leading to many speculating if he is a one-hit wonder.

Perhaps he might be considered as a one-hit wonder as in his career spanning over six years he only boasts of one album Ndofirapi which he released last year.

Most of the songs on the 10-track offering did not penetrate enough to the ghetto, but the singles he release afterwards like Pamamonya ipapo which slightly missed the 2017 National Arts Merit Awards Song of the Year gong to Jah Prayzaha��s Mdhara Vachauya and Garwe where he endorsed the current Government led by President ED Mnangagwa, proved to be hits.

With top dancehall artistes like Winky D and Killer T already released their full length albums this year, it still remains unknown if Jah Love will join the race and prove he is not a one-hit wonder.