Juberg Ncube

Son threatens to kill dad to inherit house

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
HOUSE of cards!

One has to be calculative, cunning and alert at Juberg Ncubea��s house because there is a fight for his estate.

Interestingly, Ncube is alive and healthy.

His son, Mkhululi Ncube wishes him dead already but Juberga��s a�?prolonged existencea�? has forced Mkhululi to straight talk about his intentions.

The cheeky Mkhululi has even told Juberg how he intends to kill him a�� by poisoning his food and to send chills down his fathera��s spine a�� he said after taking over the house, he would chase his sisters away.

Realising that his life was in danger because of his a�?greedya�? son, Juberg reported the matter to police.

a�?This is my house and it is sad when one of the children begins to feel that he owns it when I am still alive. He has threatened to poison my food and I cannot take it lightly as my life is in danger.

a�?When he gets drunk, he assaults his sisters and becomes uncontrollable insulting me as well,a�? said Ncube.

He further revealed that he did not want to chase him away because he understood that in every family there was a a�?crazya�� childa�?.

a�?After realising that his behaviour was getting out of hand, I had to report him to the police who then advised me to seek a protection order. I just want him to live peacefully with other family members. I will not chase him away because in every family there is a troublesome character.

a�?Ever since we discussed the issue, his character has changed and we are now settled as a family since his bad plans are known by everyone,a�? said Ncube.

Mkhululi apologised for his behaviour and promised to live peacefully with his family.