son evicted over gambling

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A Bulawayo man from Sizinda who is addicted to gambling won himself an eviction ticket from his parentsa�� house after squandering electricity money at a soccer bet shop in the city.

Smith Gumbo (24) gambled the money with the hope of doubling it. However, he lost all of it in the process inviting his fathera��s wrath.

a�?I cannot live under the same roof with a person who is not disciplined. Thata��s the reason why I told him to leave so that he learns how difficult life is out there and stop behaving like a little boy,a�? his father Mathias Gumbo (54) said.

His mother, Grace Gumbo also felt he had to be punished.

a�?We work hard to put food on the table and he knows that, I didna��t expect him to gamble with that money as he knows very well that we are already in arrears,a�? she said.

However, the mother wishes that her son could return home.

a�?Smith disappointed me but every child makes mistakes. I wish he could come back home. I dona��t know where he is or what he eats,a�? she said.

But his father pulled a stone cold face saying he did not care what his son was up to wherever he is.

a�?I dona��t care if he comes back or not but he must face the real world out there,a�? the father said.

Efforts to get a comment from Smith were fruitless. His mother claimed her son sold his phone to fund his betting habit.