Soccer babes (1)

Soccer babes light up Bosso matches

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THE new-look Highlanders has ignited fever-pitch passion among the teama��s fans. In fact, Bossoa��s philosophy has spread like wild fire in the grandstands and is set to produce an epic watch in every game.

The latest craze that has caught up with Bossoa��s winning streak is the rise in the number of women who flock to Barbourfields Stadium. Commonly known as the soccer babes, the women are turning heads, in a game previously watched by the alpha males only.

B-Metro Sport went about trawling the cosmopolitan nature of fans that come every weekend to matches. The revelations arena��t shocking. At the least, they are amazing.

Bosso scored the highest in terms of soccer babes who follow the team at heart. However, we are wondering how one can keep their eyes on the ball when hot babes are packing the stadium.

Is it that new coach Madinda Ndlovu and his young boys have the charm? Certainly it must be. No coach in history has assembled a team that commands big crowds in its season openers. Of late, the women that come out to support the team have outclassed their male counterparts in so many ways.

To be precise, the once feared and hostile Soweto stand is also now home to a bevy of beauties donning the black and white jersey.

At the turn of the millennium, there are some Bosso fans who vowed that no woman should be allowed at BF. For them it was an abomination.

But, the swarm of beauties interviewed in the previous games is on a crusade to bring a�?lifea�? into the game that had long turned into a bore.

a�?This is the new Bosso and we are the new supporters. Who said women cannot watch Bosso games? Gone are the days of old when women were confined to the kitchen. We want to drive the course of football and we arena��t going back,a�? said one Nokuthula Zindoga, a staunch fanatic who claims she has never missed a Highlanders match since 2011.

The only catch that Ndlovu and his boys have dangled on the soccer babes is good play.

a�?I am at Barbourfields every Sunday. Guess what? This is because I love the way Madinda does it with these young boys. The fact that the team displays good football and that we celebrate their play, is what counts. My friends and I save some money for every game. We love it. Go, go Highlanders,a�? said Musa Manzini from Cowdray Park.

Although soccer babes are filling up the stands, they are not the only new faces to pass through the turnstiles of late.

In the past games at BF, there has been an increase in fan attendance.

According to Highlanders chief executive Nhlanhla Dube, fan attendance averages 7 000 and is expected to rise with each game.

It might be a cold spray on the die-hard male supporters but reality has it that, in the not so distant future, soccer babes will fill up Emagumeni.

However, some of the yesteryear soccer babes who had an outstanding record of dating local soccer players with special interest in those in the black and white camp seem to be shunningA� Emagumeni.

The list includes Amanda a�?Mandya�? Mbuisa and Thandi a�?Phongoa�? Sibindi.

Mbuisa is reportedly now based in neighbouring South Africa and Sibindi, a former dancer with an all-female dance group Dynamite Queens, is now a waitress at a local bar.

A number of former Bosso players a�� during their prime a�� fell into the trap of Mbuisa who also dated ex-Dynamos midfielder Denver Mukamba when he was still plying his trade in Mzansi.

In 2014, in a court case, ex-Bossoa��s midfielder Mthulisi Maphosa claimed that three quarters of his club mates had slept with bed-hopping Mbuisa whose apparent thirst for football stars was beyond reprieve.

Sibindi, who hails from Nguboyenja suburb and won many hearts in the Bosso camp, once had her steamy pictures with former Dynamos and CAPS United goal poacher Evans Gwekwerere published by B-Metro.

In one of the pictures, a topless Sibindi and Gwekwerere were captured kissing before they both faced the camera.

In the second picture, the lady was spotting a blue and white top, and wore a beautiful smile which the footballer tried to complement. premarin 1.25 mg tablet.