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Small houses fight over married lover

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TWO Bulawayo women baptised each other with boiling water in a fight over their married lover.

The two small houses were both critically injured, with one nursing serious burns and the other a seriously burnt hand.

The saga began when the married man, Sipho Ndlela allegedly invited Sijabulile Ncube over to his house for a night of passion, but their joy was short lived when Precious Sibanda arrived unexpectedly resulting in a fist fight breaking out between the two women.

A source that happens to beA� Ndlelaa��s neighbour told B-Metro that they were surprised to see the two women fighting and he was nowhere in sight after he sought refuge at a neighboura��s house fearing that the women would gang up on him.

a�?Ndlela has never had a problem juggling these two women as he always found a way to make sure they do not meet.

On that day Sibanda paid him a surprise visit and found him in a compromising position with Ncube and a fight broke between the two women. When Ncube realised she was being overpowered she poured boiling water on Sibanda who sustained injuries and Ncube also burnt her hand,a�? said the neighbour.

Ndlelaa��s wife resides at their rural home.

a�?She is probably not aware that such an incident happened. It would have made sense if the wife had caused the scene but it is his two girlfriends instead,a�? she said.

He confirmed that there was a fight at his home but it was resolved.

a�?I wonder why people love sticking their nose in other peoplea��s business. There was a fight in my house and I resolved the issue. Whoever told you should learn to mind their business,a�? he said.

Sibanda shared his sentiments saying that they had resolved the issue and that they all had made peace.

a�?I have nothing to say to you, we have resolved our issues and we are now at peace,a�? concluded Sibanda.