Bongani Sibanda

Small house crosses a�?thea�� line… brags to lovera��s wife in texts

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A CHEATING man was exposed by his daring lover when she took his phone while he dozed off and sent a string of offending messages to his wife saying she was having quality time with her husband at her place.

Bongani Sibanda from Old Lobengula Suburb in Bulawayo said he was grossly offended by his lover Thembinkosi Nyathia��s conduct.

Sibanda, who was seeking a protection order against Nyathi at the Bulawayo Civil Court, said the latter nearly severed his marriage when she took his phone while he was sleeping and sent offending texts to his wife to the effect that she has been with him (Sibanda) at her place for two days.

a�?Thembinkosi Nyathi is my ex-girlfriend. We parted ways after she sent messages to my wife. This happened on 27 May this year while I was in the bus travelling to Harare.

a�?I fell asleep since I was drunk and Nyathi exploited the opportunity when she took my phone which was in my pocket and sent messages to my wife telling her that I had spent two days at her place.

a�?She also sent another message to my wife while pretending to be from me. In that message she said my wife should know that I was dating another woman who I also wanted to marry as a second wife,a�? complained Sibanda.

Sibanda insisted that he no longer wanted anything to do with Nyathi before he pleaded with the presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova to grant him the protection order saying it was the only way of saving his marriage.

a�?I no longer want anything to do with her in my life. I am praying to the court to grant me a protection order so that whenever she violates it she would be arrested. This is so because she is now after breaking my marriage,a�? pleaded Sibanda.

Nyathi who was served with the court papers did not however, come to court leading the magistrate to grant a default judgment in which she ordered her to stop all forms of communication with Sibanda.

Sibanda, who apparently heaved a huge sigh of relief, could not hide his joy when he thanked the magistrate for a�?answeringa�? his prayer requests for a restraining order. vardenafil deutsch. niacin.

  • Duck Piasi

    Hpe u learnt a great lesson on being faithful

  • Kumbie Chivunze

    when will man ever learn that when ever you make pinky swear with a women that we will keep things casually…. that will never happen…this small house knew that you have a wife …. and why did you even wanted a small house in the first place…. all i got from you is that man will never be satisfied…. that will go into my reason of not get married book … i always wish i had something better to do….but this amuse me…even i know i talk shit