Small house begs ill lover to desert wife

Gibson Mhaka
A Bulawayo woman reportedly took her love for sex to shocking extremes when she allegedly sneaked into her ill married boyfrienda��s matrimonial bedroom begging him to desert his wife and come to her lodgings for a sleep-over. A�
After her boyfriend turned down the offer, the woman Gladys Nhidza, in a bid to a�?fixa�? him, took his clothes and that of his customary wife Kesina Chigwedera to her place of residence in Woodville plots.

Nhidzaa��s strange demand came out at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Kesina had dragged her seeking a peace order against her claiming she was disturbing her marital life.

She said Nhidza was also threatening her verbally and physically as well as labelling her a prostitute.

a�?I am seeking a protection order against Nhidza who is causing problems in my marital life by verbally and physically threatening me together with my husband. Problems started after she fell in love with my husband who briefly deserted me to stay with her.

a�?My husband came back after he fell ill. The other day during my absence she came to my place of residence and went into my bedroom where she sat on my bed begging my sick husband to come to her lodgings for a sleep-over.

a�?After my husband refused she took his clothes and mine. When I went to her place of residence to collect them she became violently and threatened me. I am now living in fear since I do not know what she is going to do with my clothes,a�? she said.

However, in response Nhidza hit back saying the man Kesina was claiming to be her customary husband, was also her spouse.

a�?I was staying with the man she is claiming is her husband after he told me that he was not married but only had a child with Kesina. He is also my husband. I later learnt that he had a wife who was in the rural areas.

a�?The clothes which I took were mine which had been taken by my husband to her place of residence when he went back after she phoned him saying the child was not feeling well,a�? she said.

At the close of the case presiding magistrate Marylene Mtshina ruled that although she could not stop the man at the centre of the dispute from visiting Nhidza she ordered her not to threaten Kesina verbally or physically and not to go to her place of her residence. on line pharmacies in belize.