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Slay queens speak out: a�?My beauty was not meant to be wasted on one mana��

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There is a new breed in town dubbed slay queens and the laymana��s language defines them as women who want to suffocate everyone with their beauty, their cool, their style, their class and their bland opinions which they broadcast on social media.

Their haters define slay queens as upgraded prostitutes who are hell bent on pushing their agenda of having their profession accepted by the community or even legalised.

Slay queens are believed to rule the social media space with their photographs which are supposed to wow their audience. Their makeup has to be on point, their clothes have to scream labels like Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, you name them.

The B-Metro crew caught up with a few slay queens in the city of Kings and Queens and they were more than willing to share their thoughts on their way of life and comment on the people that think lowly of them.

Thandeka Sibanda (23) from Kumalo suburb shared her thoughts about herself as a slay queen:

a�?For me being a slay queen is very important and an achievement. I get to places and the men who ask me out are classy men with money and not these a�?stay on the street boysa�� with no cash or car. To me a man has to earn more than I do to earn my respect, to be able to take me on expensive holidays so that when I post the pictures my audience on social media is breath taken. So, to me if you dona��t have money then just stay out of my lane,a�? said Sibanda.

Sibanda who indeed was wearing a nice perfume which she said was by Paco Rabanea��s Lady Million also held a Gucci handbag and wore a dress and heels which she said were by Jimmy Choo. She seemed like a woman who does not settle for less.

Sibanda was asked how she deals with other people who dona��t share her views and opinions on the subject as some write on social media that slay queens are poor people who want to be rich using their bodies to lure married men.

a�?I really dona��t care what my haters say, as long as I have haters I know that Ia��m doing something worth it in life because you dona��t get haters when you are poor and trust me, haters dona��t pay the bills,a�? said Sibanda.

a�?Trust me, it is every womana��s dream to go to Dubai or to the Maldives for their holiday and some of us are living the dream like Somizi,a�? added Sibanda.

B-Metro was lucky to catch up with another self-proclaimed slay queen Sindile Moyo who resides in Mpopoma who also shared her thoughts.

a�?I know I am beautiful and my beauty was not meant to be wasted on one man and trust me with this kind of beauty and curves few men would want to marry me because they would be scared the minute they dona��t have money I would leave them,a�? said Moyo.

She went on to explain what she thought were the requirements of being a slay queen.

a�?For me you need to be beautiful facially, have the curves, the boobs are a must or if you dona��t have those then make sure your blesser pays you enough for a boob job or else you will remain in small circles for ages,a�? said Moyo.

a�?If the beauty, the curves and the boobs are there, then have a few short tight dresses and a bag of makeup. A must is a smartphone with great picture quality and editing applications. That phone is your life because you dona��t leave it anywhere, where you are that phone leads the way,a�? added Moyo.

She said that one needed to have money for social media bundles so that a�?you post pictures all the time, those rich men will flood your inboxa�?.

a�?When they have come to inbox there is no time for games, this is not high school, ita��s business, I give him the opportunity to feel young again by viewing my pictures and meeting him for any excitement if we agree and he gives me the money that I need a�� ita��s a fair deal,a�? added Moyo.

Moyo, who was willing to explain her eye-catching outfit, said she wore see-through skin tights with no underwear so as to attract men into her lane. She just could not stop flaunting her beauty. a�?With a body like this and these clothes, the choices of men I will have because of the pictures I will post today are endless,a�? said Moyo.

Monalisa Gumede (25) also shared her thoughts.

She said as a slay queen one always has to be on point.

a�?When he takes you out the makeup has to be on all the time, even if it means after a few minutes you go and apply some in the bathroom so be it, so we cana��t really say someone poor cannot be a slay queen, that is why we have slay queens who slay with originals and those that slay with imitations, but these men dona��t care, they want whata��s inside your pants, not whata��s outside.a�?

When B-Metro caught up with a parent, Lindokuhle Nkala (47), to comment on the matter she said:

a�?I do not agree with women who are always on social media posting their lives, when do they study or learn how to do any chores? Are women born to be sex objects for men and isna��t the law saying men and women now have equal rights?

a�?My view is this behaviour will lead these women to a sick bed with HIV/Aids and STDs. Yes, they might say they dona��t have unprotected sexual intercourse but do you think that those old men would just give away their millions to use a condom, thata��s not true,a�? said Nkala.

B-Metro met Bongekile Nkiwane who shared a bit about the slay queen business.

a�?Our blessers, some agree to use condoms but the money will be less than if you go for it with no plastic. Leta��s say he offers $600 for one night with no condom. If you tell him you want a condom it can go down to $320,a�? said Nkiwane.

She went on to add that if you were flexible and let the blesser try new tricks on you then he would even buy you a car, take you to Dubai, which she indicated was now the dream destination for most slay queens.

a�?Look at those two recently reported Lelo and Candice, those two make a million rand on one weekend in Dubai and trust me, those two inspire us to live life to the fullest.

Lelo and Candice are self-proclaimed slay queens who were recently interviewed by Phat Joe, host of Moja Love talk show.

It seems the slay queena��s lifestyle revolves around the latest jackpot millionaire, shopping in expensive boutiques and doing anything trendy that has monetary inclination while posting on social media 24/ 7.

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