Sisters use urine to neutralise step-muma��s juju

IN a bizzare revelation, two sisters from Entumbane in Bulawayo claimed that they were using their urine as a life-saving measure to protect themselves from their step-mothera��s alleged juju spell.
Nokulunga Moyo (27) and Noreen Moyo (23) claimed that their stepmother Sibusisiwe Moyo was always smearing juju and digging holes around the yard while calling out their names. Apparently as a fight back, the two sisters claimed that they were urinating in those holes to a�?deactivatea�? the alleged spell.

This came out at the Bulawayo Civil Court last Friday where the two sistersa�� stepmother claimed that she was living in fear of them after they allegedly tried to poison her following a nasty stand-off over a house left by their late father.

Sibusisiwe, who claimed that she was of ill-health, begged the court to issue a protection order which stops her stepdaughters from verbally and emotionally abusing her.

a�?I am staying with my two stepdaughters Nokulunga and Noreen who have become violent towards me. The tension has now worsened after they forcibly moved into my house. They are destroying my property and burning all my important documents. As a result of their abuse towards me I have been in and out of hospital. On 29 August I was admitted to a local hospital due to food poisoning. By doing all this they are psychologically and emotionally abusing me. They must vacate my house because the situation might get worse resulting to my death,a�? she said.

In their separate responses Nokulunga and Noreen said problems started after their stepmother sold a family house in Tshabalala to buy the one they were staying in Entumbane after the death of their father Moses Moyo in 2005.

a�?Problems started in March this year when I phoned the applicant asking for a place to stay after I discovered that she had sold a family house in Tshabalala in which we used to stay before and after the death of our father in 2005.

We, however, met and started staying together peacefully. In July Nokulunga came from South Africa and joined us.

a�?Problems started after electricity was disconnected at the house. She went and stayed with her mother leaving us in the dark. When she came back she came with another man and started smearing juju and digging holes around the yard while calling out our names. She is always doing it. As a fight back to her weird actions which I think might bring us misfortune we are urinating in those holes,a�? said Noreen.

Her claims were buttressed by her sister who also said problems started after their stepmother dug holes around the yard while shouting their names.

At the end of their submissions, presiding magistrate Marylene Mtshina ordered the applicant and her two stepdaughters not to physically, psychologically and verbally threaten each other.

In addition, the stepdaughters were ordered to vacate the applicanta��s premises within four weeks. canadian pharmacy 150mg viagra.