Sisters gang up, beat the living daylight out of mistress

Nhlalwenhle Ncube


Two sisters from Esikhoveni Village in Esigodini teamed up and thoroughly beat a girlfriend of the elder sister’s husband.

Though the younger sister was leading on the beating, she thereafter ran away and her whereabouts are unknown leaving her sister in hot soup.

Sithulisiwe Gobeleni (41) was arrested on assault charges after they meted instant justice on Sehlulekile Ncube (42).

They reportedly found Ncube drinking beer with Shepherd Dube who is Gobeleni’s husband and approached her demanding an explanation of what was happening.

Realising that her life was in danger, Ncube left the beer hall and proceeded to her home.

Little did she know that the two still had a score to settle with her and therefore followed her at her home where upon arrival they beat her up.

She suffered some injuries and reported the matter to the police leading to Gobeleni’s arrest.

It is reported that the complainant was drinking beer when Minority Gobeleni approached and accused her of being in love with Shepherd Dube.

Not feeling safe around the two women, she left the business centre and went to her home.

After a few hours, the two sisters followed the complainant at her home and without wasting time assaulted her with clenched fists all over the body.

She reported the matter to police and was referred to Esigodini hospital for treatment.

Appearing before Esigodini magistrate Tawanda Muchemwa, Gobeleni pleaded not guilty saying she never assaulted the complainant, but she was beaten up by her sister and she only intervened trying to restrain them.

She was remanded out of custody to 11 February.