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Sisters fight over husbanda��s inheritance

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Nontokozo Nkomo and Lubelihle Mnkandla nee Nkomo, who are sisters, are locked in an inheritance dispute after the death of Thabizitha Mnkandla.

The late was married to Lubelihle who couldna��t conceive, as such they asked Nontokozo to bear a child for her sister.

In the set-up Lubelihle is the legal wife while Nontokozo is the baby mama.

With their husband gone, the sisters are now fighting over his inheritance.

Lubelihle told B-Metro in no uncertain terms that Nontokozo would never have a piece of the pie in reference to her deceased husbanda��s wealth.

She added that Nontokozo was in the habit of throwing around the disability card since childhood when things did not go her way.

Nontokozo is deaf and dumb.

a�?Since we were young, my sister always complained that she was treated differently because of her disability. That tactic of hers has always worked but not this time around,a�? said Lubelihle.

Then came the bombshell.

a�?I swear on our mothera��s grave that as long as I live, Nontokozo will not get a dime or share of what my late husband left for me,a�? said Lubelihle.

With the aid of a translator Nontokozo poured her heart out.

a�?My sister took advantage of my disability and convinced me to bear a child for her but wona��t pay for it,a�? said Nontokozo.

She reckons as the mother to their late husbanda��s son, she deserves a share of the estate.

a�?That inheritance belongs to me because I made it possible for her husband not to leave her when I bore them a son.

I am practically the wife to the deceased and I deserve the full inheritance,a�? said a visibly angry Nontokozo.

According to a neighbour, the sistersa�� family could not fathom the idea of the late husband marrying an outsider since their daughter had failed to conceive.

The option at that time was to ask Nontokozo to step in and save her sistera��s marriage.

More than 17 years later, Nontokozo is being left out in the cold.

a�?I blame the family, they are the ones that destroyed Nontokozoa��s life as they made her sleep with that old man just to give him a child. Now Nontokozo will get nothing for helping her sister,a�? said Bonginkosi Sibanda, a relative.

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