Sister attempts to bed brother

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THE venerated Christian prayer a�?Our Fathera�? says a�?Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.a�?
However, this was not the case for a Victoria Falls woman as she proved she could lead herself into temptationA� and blamed bad spirits to have overcome her.

Reality struck for Abigail Muzamba after she was dragged before the courts by her 20-year-old brother after she allegedly tried to force him to bed her claiming it was the only way to get her cleansed of bad luck.

Muzamba caused a stir in court after she told the magistrate that she was feeling cold and needed a jersey to keep warm before charges against her could be read out.

a�?I do not know why I am here. You can tell me my fault after getting me something warm to wear because the police locked me up in the cells without blankets,a�? she said.

Prosecutor David Tivakudze told the court that Muzamba phoned her 20-year-old brother and told him that she had found him a job in the resort town.

Upon arrival, during the night, the brother was invited by Muzamba to her bedroom and on entering, he found her stark naked and he immediately excused himself from the room.

The State alleges that she went after her brother and grabbed him, and told him that she wanted to be intimate with him since they were both mature.

Things blew out of proportion and the two exchanged blows leading to the brother escaping into a nearby bush.

After some time he went back home and found his sister waiting a�� still naked.

Muzamba approached him and begged him to bed her claiming it was her way of getting cleansed of bad luck.

Muzamba, in rage literally dragged her brother to the bedroom and threatened him with an axe saying he would not go anywhere without sleeping with her, the court heard.

The brother, who felt he had been tortured enough fled from the house and reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Muzamba.

The brother told the court that Muzamba was just out to make a scene because she felt embarrassed of what she did.

a�?She is faking not remembering anything. It is all an act from an embarrassed person. She told me she had called me to have sexual intercourse with her,a�? he said.

Resident magistrate Sharon Rosemani remanded Muzamba inA� custody to a later date saying that she suspected Muzamba was mentally ill and had to be checked by government doctors.

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