zim dancehall

Singer, producer in nasty fallout

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AN upcoming Zim Dancehall artistea��s careerA� has reportedly been short-lived after she declared war against her music producer who rejected her proposal. A�

Jane Makauka failed to swallow a bitter love rejection pill after Johane Maseko disappointed her.

In an interview, Maseko revealed that Makauka was tormenting him and his family a�� spreading lies that his family was satanic and that her sangoma was going to expose them.

a�?I am still dumbfounded by Makaukaa��s behaviour. She is telling our neighbours that my family are satanists and that her sangoma will expose us. She throws stones at our roof and knocks like a mad person demanding to be let in and has made it clear that she wona��t stop bothering me until the day I accept her proposal,a�? said Maseko.

Asked by B-Metro if he would accept the proposal just to calm her down, he declined.

a�?I will never accept Makaukaa��sproposal. She goes around telling people she is my girlfriend a�� she is not and will never be,a�? said a furious Maseko.

Maseko said he thought all he was doing with Makauka was business until the day she seduced him, proposing love to him and offering her body.

a�?I started working with Makauka four months ago and produced her solo album of Zim Dancehall. She is talented though with an attitude.

a�?Work was all good until recently when she proposed love to me, she even offered sex as a way to express her love. I rejected her proposal because I am not attracted to her,a�? said Maseko.

On the other hand, Makauka had a different version of the story.

a�?Maseko is my boyfriend and he is going through a rough time in our relationship and I intend to help him,a�? said Makauka.

Linda Maseko, a relative of Johane also commented: a�?This woman comes to our house every morning and sits by the gate knocking very loudly and when we dona��t attend to her she shouts that we are satanists and that we contributed to the death of Masekoa��s father and drank his blood. She always says she is going to prove that we are murderers and that her sangoma will expose us,a�? said Linda.

Makauka denied having tormented the family before hanging up on this reporter.

a�?I did not torment them,a�? said a fuming Makauka. us based online pharmacy for zofran. can you buy lexapro 10 mg.