Barbra Ngwenya

Siblings fight over house

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A BULAWAYO woman cannot believe that her brother disowned her over a house belonging to their now deceased sibling.

Barbra Ngwenya alleges that her brother Thomas Ngwenya has barred her and her late brothera��s children from the house in dispute, in Nketa 9 suburb.

a�?My brother and I are no longer on talking terms after he took control of our late brothera��s house and chucked out the children. My brothera��s daughter now resides in South Africa while her brother is now squatting with friends,a�? she said.

Thomas is allegedly converting the money paid by the tenants to his own use.

a�?The house has arrears which have not been cleared while Thomas and his wife are collecting rentals. The court ordered us to use the money to clear the debt and also give the children instead of doing so he is spending that little money on his family,a�? she continued.

The fallout was allegedly caused by Barbraa��s insistence to have the house ownership changed to the surviving children of the deceased.

a�?Thomas is refusing to have the house changed as he wants to continue collecting rentals from the house and the children now fear coming back home because of his actions. We are not on speaking terms because of this and he has since barred me from coming to our parentsa�� home in Tsholotsho,a�? said Barbra.

Thomas, however, refuted the allegations saying that it was actually the other way round.

a�?I sold my cattle to fix that house after our sister had vandalised it. When we went to court we were instructed to clear the debt the house had incurred. The rentals I am collecting from the tenants go towards paying off the debts,a�? he said.

He maintained that the children were free to come to their fathera��s house despite Barbraa��s insistence that they feared him.

a�?I did not chase them away, if they want to come back they should do so. Barbra is the one who was using the rental money for herself not me that is why I took over because I wanted to settle the outstanding debt,a�? concluded Thomas.

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