Siblingsa�� 16-year incest secret exposed

Gibson Mhaka
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Shock gripped a family from Danda Village in Zaka area, Masvingo Province when a brother and sistera��s 16-year-long incestuous relationship, allegedly blessed with a daughter, came to light after the seemingly troubled sister confessed it to the family.

While revealing it, she claimed she wanted to get the truth off her chest.

The revelations did not only send shockwaves to the family but to the entire village with some superstitious people claiming the a�?tabooa�? relationship of the two siblings, who are both now married, was the source of misfortunes bedevilling their family.

The siblingsa�� names are also being withheld to protect the identity of their daughter aged 16 who is reportedly doing Form Three.

According to reports from the area, the romantic relationship, which eventually developed when the two siblings who are now in their late 30s were still teenagers was kept a secret after the sister who had fallen pregnant, lied that she was sexually abused by an unknown man on her way from school.

Meanwhile, living true to the allegory that women really cana��t keep secrets, and after being confronted by some family members she later revealed that her child was a result of an incestuous relationship with one of her elder brothers.

This was after the seemingly suspicious family members prodded her to reveal the whereabouts of her daughtera��s father since they wanted him to assist the child get a birth certificate.

After refusing for some time and insisting that she was sexually abused by an unknown man on her way from school, the woman later opened up saying she was impregnated by one of her elder brothers who she had been madly in love with for a long time before they both got married.

a�?What happened is that the two siblingsa�� family got wind that the two, before they got married, wereA� involved in an incestuous relationship leading to the birth of a child who the woman had long claimed was a result of sexual abuse.

a�?After being cornered about the whereabouts of her daughtera��s father so that he could be approached to assist the child get a birth certificate, the woman later confessed that the father of the child was one of her elder brothers.

a�?She revealed that she fell pregnant after having sex on several occasions and secretly continued until they both got married,a�? said a source from the area who requested strict anonymity for fear of victimisation.

The chilling confession reportedly created tension within the family leading to some irate members approaching Chief Ndanga asking for his intervention.

Contacted for comment Chief Ndanga confirmed receiving details of the shocking incident saying investigations were in progress.

a�?I can confirm that the matter came to my attention but I will only deal with it after the family involved comes forward with full details when they finish conducting their investigations,a�? said Chief Ndanga. order prozac without a perscription.