Shutters down as hubby and wife clash over selfies

THEY WERE so happy when they married and they rejoiced in their love.

But when the husband wanted to take their love to another level with cellphone pictures, the shutters came down.

His wife wouldn’t talk about taking selfies. Not then, Not now!

The 56-year-old Tshidiso Sethunya,who paid lobola for his wife in 2014, said things started going wrong in their marriage all because his wife was not prepared to take selfies.

“She does not want to take selfies. She does not even want to use a phone with a camera,” said Tshidiso.

“What else can I do other than to think she is cheating on me?”

Tshidiso, who is away from home for up to six months at a time, suggested they should do video calls.

“All I suggested was to see my wife’s face when I speak to her on the phone,” he said.

“But she won’t allow it.”

Tshidiso Sethunya from Jeffsville White House near Atteridgeville in Tshwane said his wife, Lenah Jiyane (43), uses an older model phone.

He said her phone is always on silent.

“I have been asking my wife for us to use smartphones, but she won’t do it,” he said.

“And when she speaks on the phone she goes outside.”

He said he wants his wife to play her part in making the marriage a success.

“I have helped her a lot at her home and we were even busy building a tavern,” he said.

“But without selfies I cannot trust her so much.”

Lenah told Daily Sun her husband was crazy.

“He has been telling me about smartphones for selfies but I told him I am comfortable with the phone that I have. Why should we buy another one?” she said.

She said Tshidiso had been calling her names and saying bad things about her.

“I resigned at work because of his insecurity,” she said.

“He was always harassing my male colleagues, accusing them of having affairs with me. I had to quit my job because people were starting to hate me.”

Lenah said she was willing to fix their marriage.

“But I won’t be taking any selfies!” she said. - Online