Shocking $5 coins revelations. . . Part with $5 coin, sacrifice family members and get rich



GET rich or die tryinga��
An attempt to live true to the above saying by joining the ongoing $5 coin craze will result in the death of family members.
Investigations by this publication revealed that it does not only take a $5 coin for someone to get thousands of dollars and get rich, but there is more than meets the eye.

When the reporters visited one of the agencies only identified as Mutsago in Bulawayoa��s Magwegwe North suburb under the disguise that they were in possession of coins on demand, she opened up to the crew on steps to be followed.

It turned out that even if you had the coins, one needs to think twice because it is not only about the coins, but there are also a�?sacrificesa�? involved.

Mutsago revealed that they were collecting old Zimbabwean coins which includes $2 and $5 coins from the year 2000 and 2003 and the biggest package being on a penny.

a�?The money wanted is the $5, one with a pangolin, $2 and the one with a maximum amount is a penny of 1953 and 1980. You just bring that and you get rich like other people of your age and start driving your own cars,a�? said Mutsago.

When the news crew showed interest in the coin dealings, the old woman revealed how one goes about the issue.

a�?I am not the one who collects the money, but I will have to take you to the people who are supposed to take it from your own hands. The money is supposed to be taken from the hands of the owner not mine.

a�?There are foreigners responsible for this deal, therefore, one has to wait two weeks for the money because ita��s a process,a�? she said.

The shocking news is that when you surrender the money, you also have to give them the name of your spouse and children. If you are single, you give them the names of your favourite family members.

a�?After two weeks, do not expect to be given money in your hands, but when you go to collect it, you will be given a knobkerrie.

a�?You will be instructed to use the knobkerrie to kill a rat or frog, which you will come across in your house. Killing any of the two will mark the beginning of your good life as you will start receiving money mysteriously.

a�?We understand that when you kill the rat or frog, you will have killed one of the people on the list you submitted with the coins. That is all I know, it is up to you whether you in or not,a�? said Mutsago.

On the other hand, two men from Luveve suburb who had submitted their $5 coins allegedly died after they failed to follow instructions. They reportedly unfolded foil paper which they were instructed to keep for seven days.