Shock as woman discovers hubby has two other a�?wivesa��

A WOMAN from Gwerua��s Ascot suburb was left cursing the day he met her husband after she allegedly discovered that he had two other women in his life.
The woman, Sakhile Moyo, could not hold her tears as she wept uncontrollably while narrating here story to B-Metro.

Moyo said she has been married to her husband, Norman Maduku, whom she has four children with, for the past 12 years.

a�?I have been married to Maduku for the past 12 years and all seemed to be well until this year in July,a�? said Moyo.
Moyo said she noticed a change in their finances.

a�?As I was doing my laundry just after the schools had opened, I found school fees invoices which belonged to five children whose surname was Maduku. I initially thought they were his relativea��s children but what amazed me is that their names sounded new to me as I know most of the relatives,a�? she added.

After Maduku returned from work in the evening, his wife confronted him concerning the receipts.

a�?When he returned from work in the evening, I asked him about the receipts and he initially pretended not to know. I continued asking until he admitted that they were his children whom he sired with two different womena�?, said Moyo.

a�?I was so hurt and I wondered how a man I have lived with for the past 12 years cheated on me yet l tried all I could to be the good wife,a�? said Moyo.

After the confrontation Maduku revealed that the two women were Chipo Sibanda whom he has three kids with, and Mellissa Hove whom they have two kids together.

Maduku could not be reached for comment. accutane comprar.