Shock as granny (65) uses boy (12) to quench sexual thirst

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Gibson Mhaka

IN a potentially groundbreaking case of child abuse which reportedly rattled the nerves of villagers in Mabika area under Chief Mapiravana in Mberengwa District, a 65-year-old granny allegedly used her 12-year-old grandson to quench her sexual starvation. Reports which reached B-Metro are that the granny (name withheld to protect the boy) allegedly hoodwinked her grandson into the adult game under the pretext that she was initiating him into manhood.

It is reported that on the day her heinous acts were busted, the woman had reportedly asked the boy to have sex with her after she had invited him into her bedroom claiming she wanted to check if he was circumcised like other boys in their community.

Circumstances to the shocking incident are that on 7 August the woman who was living with the boy following the passing on of his parents hatched a plan to force him to quench her sex drought.

It is alleged that she invited the boy into her bedroom hut where she asked him to scratch her back.
After the boy had entered, the woman locked the door and subsequently undressed herself and asked the boy to scratch her back.

The seemingly shocked boy complied and while scratching his grannya��s back the latter allegedly undressed him saying she wanted to see if he was circumcised.
As if that was not enough the old woman later asked the boy to sleep with her and he complied.

After the act, the woman threatened to disown the boy if he told anyone about the abuse. However, the boy who looked traumatised after the abuse told a neighbour who later reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of his grandmother.

The matter is now before a Zvishavane court where the woman is being charged with aggravated indecent assault.