Sexual enhancers can cause serious problems

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As we continue on the synthetic drugs commonly abused one posed a question if sexual enhancers have any effect at all as they came in under the disguise of health supplements.

Even though male enhancement supplements are promoted to help men gain better erections and improve their overall sexual function in a natural way, it is important to consider that these products are not evaluated by the health authority and as such can be a health hazard to some as some of the substances that have been tested have been found to contain unlisted synthetic chemicals that are harmful.

Staying clear of the potentially dangerous supplements and studying the ingredients found in the most trusted ones should be key if you wish to avoid the side effects of Viagra, but still experience harder and longer lasting erections.

These are some of the effects of these sex enhancer substances, the most significant one to look for is the possibility that the substances contained may interact with other medications that one is taking.

Most of the substances contained are promoted as substances that improveA� blood flow, but ita��s never mentioned that other possible effects the compound may have on the body, such as alternation in blood sugar levels, taking a prescription or over the counter drug that has the same effect on the body means, the supplement will increase the effects of the drug thus an adverse reaction may happen.

Increased blood pressure in turn may have a negative effect on the cardiovascular health and even put the user at a high risk of heart attack, this is because most male enhancement pills contain proprietary formula, which means values of added ingredients are not specified and some substances like panax ginseng can cause blood pressure if consumed in high doses.

Some users experience allergic reactions due to the ingredients added on the substance, some experience alteration in their heart beat, such as beating too fast or too hard, at times the heart may skip a beat or flutter as well, these symptoms are mainly caused by the numerous ingredients of which Tribulus Terrestris is one of the most common.

Some of the more potent ingredients that are sometimes included in these supplements can result in headaches and irritability, which is often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.

The reason is an ingredient that is often promoted as natural Viagra, which is called Yohimbe causes anxiety as one of its side effects.

Over time use also leads to tolerance where you find that despite using them the desired effect is short lived or does not happen at all.

Because of the effects they have on increasing the blood pressure some have died in the act while using these sex enhancement medication.

This is because most of them are now synthetic making room for dangerous chemicals being added in the name of trying to help those that have reached tolerance stage.

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