Sex sweets

Sex sweets hit Bulawayo streets

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SALONS and flea markets dotted around the Bulawayo have become hot spots for selling a new type of aphrodisiac that comes in the form of sweets and candy.
Going by the street names of a�?sex sweetsa�? or a�?Indian sweetsa�? they are said to be manufactured in China or India and they find their way into the country via South Africa.

a�?I had some clients asking me to bring the Indian sweets for them from South Africa before I even knew what they were. It didna��t take long for me to get orders,a�? said Linda Dube, a cross-border trader.

The sweets look like a treat for children as such they must be hidden far away from their reach.

a�?If your child finds these sweets hidden they could think you bought for them and you will perhaps give them when they do good. Knowing the curious minds, children might decide to steal them and eat, not knowing that their sweetness goes beyond being just sweets,a�? said Sitheni Ncube who has used them.

They are available in a wide variety. For one, there is Ntambomagetsi (electricity cables) that look like strips of jelly sweets, they increase body heat and make the body warm like what wine and cheese do. There is Chiname (not to share), they are round brown sweets that make onea��s sexual organs a�?sweeta�? so much one will never leave their partner at the same time increasing onea��s libido and energy.

This reporter also came across the a�?black bomba�? which looks like black plums. Their main mission is to tighten a womana��s private parts andA� to a�?marinatea�? for more pleasure and feel. In men it helps keep erections firm and long lasting.

A woman at a salon told B-Metro that she prefers theA� a�?red peacha�? because they cleanse onea��s system, stomach, womb by excreting all toxins.

The sweets sell for between 50 cents and a dollar.